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  • India's First International Vaccine Shipment to Brazil form CSMIA

    In January 2021, Emirates delivered the first batch of Covishield Vaccine from #India to #Brazil. Watch the @Boeing 777-300ER in action on the ramp of CSMIA as it prepares to fly back to Dubai International and later to #RiodeJaneiro. ...
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  • Alitalia Boeing 777-300ER visits CSMIA, Mumbai

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  • Type Boeing 777-9, or as I call her, B779

    Today I'm not here to read more about 737s and MCAS. Although, even concerning the 737 I heard something through the grapevine. Somebody said that it is not impossible that LH comes back to the club of 737 owners. Probably he didn't quite see a reason why LH today is not able to provide info about a 737 built in 2019 at first hand. But pst. Nobody (!) has yet confirmed that.

    Let's talk about something which is yet in the jetphotos database.

    What do we see here. A parking position which perfectly fits for a B744. But the 779 has to fold her wings (!) before she fits. So, that's a picture of a B779 with folded wings, isn't it? On both wings a B779 is able to fold.. more than 3 meters as far as I remember, 7 m in total, from 71,8 m wingspan down to 64,8? So, is it a folded B779, or rather a parking position with a 72 x 72 m box? It seems quite tight indeed. First flight of a B779 has not yet happened. Ex...
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  • Air India Boeing 777-300ER Lands Safe With Multiple System Failures

    Air India Boeing 777-300ER, registration VT-ALQ performing flight AI-101 from Delhi (India) to New York JFK,NY (USA) with 370 people on board, was on final approach to JFK's runway 04R descending through about 300 feet AGL in reduced visibility (RVR reported at 3500 feet) when the crew initiated a go-around reporting an unstable approach. The aircraft climbed to 2000 feet, back on approach frequency the crew advised they had lost multiple instruments on final approach includinglocalizer, radio altimeters, two altimeters (with only one altimeter remaining), TCAS etc., they requested a longer final while being vectored for another ILS approach to runway 04R. After working the checklists the crew advised they could not perform an ILS approach and inquired for weather information of airports around the New York area permitting a non-precision approach, due to the ceiling at New York they weren't able to approach to JFK, ATC inquired whether they had autoland available which the crew stated t...
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