What for do you need prepar3d. That was one question which I had in my mind since.... I could say now since 2010. That was the year when p3dv1 was published. That probably is a little bit too much.

But let's say, since the year 2014, I wondered what this shiny new simulator would be good for. P3dv2 was the best version you could buy in that year.

I own the Mega Airport Düsseldorf, on DVD (!). I know, I become old and older.. But this thing is good for fsx and, without that you have to say a word, also for p3dv1. The only thing which I have to telephone about with the support crew of Mega Airport Düsseldorf is,
that is such a nice program. Where is the update for p3dv4?
Without that I use my telephone, that p3dv1 program is running rather bad than good here on my machine. The three terminal buildings and the big arrival building do exist, also with v4.
The Sky Train is missing with v4, and
the so very brilliant ground textures...