All DUS bound pilots, and I don't only want to mention Patrick, who was an experienced flight captain with enough flight hours to get respect also from older pilots (he was only 3 years younger than me),
have one flight, which they 've got to fly after day #zero.

Like many others, I also did it. Don't let us mention the a/c, we all know the appropriate one...
Probably, I've consciously not chosen the type which was forced to the total loss in March, 2015. Happy (and seldom) is a pilot who has the choice...

Scheduled t/o at BCN is the same as in March. And it's still the same time for t/o. And, good flight weather assumed,

it's a flight which I recommend not only because of BCN. You can also enjoy some pictures inflight, if you have a good F/O.
Oops. Sometimes, my words sound a little bit hard. But believe me, the aim is ALWAYS the health of humans, not only flight captains included.

Let's see what I've made of it.