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  • This photo have heat haze ? and should I change somthing ?...
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  • Antek
    started a topic 787 back light or not?

    787 back light or not?

    Hi i have a question about 787 photo. Can you tell me this is backl light or not and what i need to do with this photo to accept?...
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  • Prescreening request/processing advice

    Can someone please have a look at this picture, I have tried uploading it countless times and it keeps getting rejected for different reasons, it seems to be one step forward and two steps backwards, where every time I solve one problem another arises, it also keeps saying too soft even though I've maxed the sharpness in lightroom, (My camera isn't the best but still), and it keeps saying information incorrect, I can't autofill because this would be the first picture of this plane. I'm near certain the info is right, so some guidance on what I'm getting wrong would also be nice.

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  • Prescreen request / How to improve editing

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  • How do you remove dots on windoes from your pictures?

    Hello! Yesterday before my flight, I was taking pictures of some planes through the windows at the McNamara Terminal in Detroit. If you have ever been to that terminal, you know how hard it is to get pictures because of the tiny black dots on the windows. When I was editing pictures today, I found it quite challenging to try to remove them with Photoshop and Lightroom.

    If anyone knows any way to remove them, please let me know. Thanks!

    Here is the photo if you're curious:
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  • Reasons for rejection / editing advice

    Recently, my queue of 5 images were all rejected, as apparently none of them met the standards. Since there were no specific reasons for these being rejected, and they were all immediately deleted, I'd like to ask some of the more experienced photographers / screeners for some advice on why these were rejected, and what I can do to improve them in terms of post-processing and shooting techniques / camera settings. I use a Nikon D3, which is a fairly old DSLR but takes great quality photos. I use Lightroom to edit these photos, and I am fairly new to photography.

    Here are the rejected images in full-size:

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  • My pictures got rejected, I would like your help/feedback

    Hi guys,

    A couple days ago I uploaded my first set of pictures after reading the guidelines and picking out some pictures of which I thought they might have any change of passing the screening (some more than others to be honest). Today however I got an email saying the following:

    "Dear JetPhotos contributor,

    The quality of your recent batch of photos made us decide to reject all photos you have in our queue.
    Unfortunately none of those photos meet our standards.
    We suggest you to read our upload guidelines, and when you believe you are able to meet our criteria, try again with a maximum of one or two photos at a time.
    We thank you for your effort and are looking forward to see you again in the future, when you have managed to improve the quality of your photos.​"

    I now don't know which standards of JetPhotos I missed however I have to improve the quality. So it could be the bad quality category however...
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  • Editing advice request

    Hi all. I've been reading a lot in the forums and the website about pictures and so, trying to learn from mistakes from other people before uploading anything. I tried my first badge of pictures recently and got rejected for "bad quality". The thing is, what can I do about it? Because I am at a dead end right now, I don't know what can I do about that, and I want to learn to do it right. The info of the pictures is what follows: 230mm f/4.9 ISO 50 shutter speed 1/1000s and 1/1500s respectively. The original size was 12Mp (4000x3000) rescaled to the maximum allowed of 1280x720p. If we zoom the image of course it is pixelated. It is a 720p image. So I don't know what to do to get them sharp and clean. Any advice would be appreciated because I'm out of ideas. Thank you all have a great day.

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  • Alex K - Prescreening Request / Editing Advises

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to hear some comments about these 3 pictures please

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  • Good Free Editing Software

    Hello! I'm just looking for some editing software better than Windows Photos. I'd also rather it be free. Any recommendations?
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  • Prescreening Request - KananYokosoKiraKira

    Hey all, may I get some feedback on some of these shots? Still learning what's acceptable and what's not. Let me know what's wrong and I will adjust them as needed. Thanks!...
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  • JPEG compression artefacts


    I would just like to know what JPEG compression artefacts are (reason for rejection) and how I can avoid it. Thanks!
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  • Can i reupload improved versions of rejected photos?

    So 2 of my photos just got rejected, and i am planning to re-edit them. But i am not sure if i can reupload improved versions of the rejected photos. Can i?
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  • SyedLHBukhari
    started a topic Newbie photos

    Newbie photos

    ​ ​
    I don't know how to edit yet, however, does anyone think with some type of editing, these photos could be accepted maybe?​​ These were all taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8, yes I know, not the best, but that was what I was stuck with. \_(ツ)_/...
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  • Undersharpened soft on almost all my photos

    Hey all, I have a big problem of getting under sharpened photos (soft) images and don’t know why. Here is my work flow. I edit on my iPad Pro on Lightroom and add about 90 sharpening. I save the file in 1280px wide and save it to files on my Apple iPad Pro. I then upload it to jetphotos where it gets rejected for undersharpened soft. I use a modern gear, Canon EOS R7 with a good lens. So I don’t think it’s the gear, and I make sure it’s the sharpest photos I use of course. Can anyone help me figure out what the softness comes from and how I can solve it? I have attached some photos a screener noted as soft.

    Best regards Nick...
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