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  • Hello!

    I recently uploaded my first flightdeck image but it was rejected, one of the reasons being "part of aircraft cut off". Since it is impossible to include the entirety of the flightdeck in one photo, how should I compose flightdeck photos in the future and judge whether or not there is a part of aircraft cut off?

    Here is the link to the rejected photo:
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  • PanteleyShmelev - prescreening request

    hello, I want to upload some of my recent shote to jp so can you guys pls give me you opinion on how to improve the edits.

    here are the shots:

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  • Pre-Screening Help needed!

    I've got a couple of shots that I plan to upload to JP.

    I appreciate will really appreciate if some of you guys could give me some constructive feedback on how to improve each photo so that they
    get a higher chance of getting accepted into jetphotos database. I just recently stated uploading and often get my photos rejected, reason given
    by the screeners is that my photos are over processed.

    Thank you guys for spending your time to read my post! Will be really happy to get some suggestion from you guys!...
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  • (Oskari Larsen) - prescreening request / editing advice

    Hello. This is my first post to the JetPhotos forum, and I haven't yet gotten any photos accepted in the database. I have already had 7 photos rejected. For some of them, when I looked at them again, I noticed myself that they were bad. But some of the photos I sent I still think look good.
    Many of the photos have had Bad Composition in the rejection reasons. Last Friday (26.9.2019(in european)) I was at the airport and got some good photos because the weather was great. I would like it if you would prescreen these photos.

    This is the first photo, unedited. I have only adjusted it to 1280 pixels wide.

    This is the first photo, cropped and adjusted to 1280 pixels wide.

    This is the second photo, only adjusted to 1280 pixels wide.

    This is the second photo, cropped and adjusted to 1280 pixels wide.
    Please tell me if they are centered right and why they would or would not get accepted. Thanks in advance!...
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  • official_dirk - Editing Advice

    Hi! I would like to get some advice about this certain photo I have. Is this considered as backlit? What do you think? Thank you.
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  • Photos editing suggestions - Manos

    Hello everybody,

    I have recently tried to upload some pictures of an aircraft, but my submissions have been rejected due to the following reasons:
    - Undersharpened (Soft)
    - Backlit
    - Too much noise or grain
    - JPG compression artefacts
    - Categories wrong or missing

    As of the editing process which I followed, I thought that in order to cover the photos submission resolution requirements, I had to crop the pictures or to compress them, since they exceeded the maximum approved resolution.
    However, they finally got rejected and now I find myself a little bit confused as to what to do.
    Therefore, any recommendations and tips as regards the editing process could be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much
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  • Pre Screen - Vermont Coronel Jr

    Greetings from Manila!

    I have a handful of images shot on the first light of the day.
    I'm trying to find out how to correct the colors of the images for it to be accepted on the database.
    When I try to Auto Color or Neutralizing color using the match color on PS they don't seem to be images from the days first light that I saw when I took the images.
    I'am still learning and I hope I can learn more from your replies,
    thanks and good afternoon from MNL.
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  • Contrast Rejection: Need enlightenment

    Just got a rejection here due to 'contrast' reason

    Is it too low of a contrast? In my opinion the only visible black objects in that image are wheels and registration letters. Sunlight's also there.
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  • The Flying Eagle - Pre-Screening Advice

    Hey guys, I got this photo denied. I know that the aircraft is far, but it's an Airport Overview. Why?

    They said that it has been rejected for poor quality, but the photo has been shoot in RAW and it's 8,5 MB large... ...
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  • KLAS
    started a topic KLAS - Editing help

    KLAS - Editing help

    Hi all! I was wondering if you could take a look at the following photos and help me with some editing suggestions if they at all have a chance at making it.

    Thank you all in advance!...
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