Good Morning.

As we get many requests lately, asking why a photo is not shown on Flightradar24, even while it's the most recent by date:

Please be patient! The photo will not show up at Flightradar24 directly after it got accepted to our database - the servers need some time for caching and for refreshing the photos. This can take up to 48hrs in some cases!

Photos which don't show the whole livery of an aircraft - this includes: Close-ups, captures from an acute angle where the wings or other parts of the aircraft block the livery, face 2 face photos, silhouettes or close crops where the tail is not fully visible will be excluded by us (if not done by the photographers).

Photos you have selected to be not shown on Flightradar24 by clicking "Exclude from Flightradar24" in the "Add photos" formwill also not be published there.

Keep in mind exceptions to this guideline are made, for instance for the only...