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    This is my first post on this forum. I always liked aviation, civil aviation in particular. I have ever planned holidays in order to "visit" some particular flights. In July 2003 I crowned my passion, the longest flight from my home town: Rome to Auckland. Probably I kept boarding passes, I have to search them: if I find something, I will update this thread. It was exciting and tiring at the same time. I tried to sleep as much as possible. From London to Los Angeles I slept about 7 hours. From Los Angeles to Auckland I slept 7 hours more.......but there were still seven hours of flight !!! The longest 7 hours in my life The return trip was even longer: it started in Christchurch, about 2 hours of flight to Auckland. Unfortunately there was a technical problem on the B747 prepared for my flight to Los Angeles: I had to wait 5 hours in Auckland. Furthermore, I was going to miss the connection flight from London to Rome Indeed, I ran like an olympic athlete in Heathrow: ...
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    started a topic FCO-CDG-FCO Alitalia/Air France

    FCO-CDG-FCO Alitalia/Air France

    During my vacations in Italy I got the chance to spend 6 days in France.... In Paris! I handle to fly Alitalia and Air France to make a comparison. This is a flight review for both flights, and at the end a chart of both airlines. I hope you enjoy it. We booked everything with AF, so online check-in for 1st flight (operated by AZ) it was not possible. But we could do it on selfservice chek-in counters at the airport. So we got everything ready.... and we planned to be early at the airport the next morning We arrived at the airport 8:30 (our flight was at 10:20) We headed to Domestic Departures Terminal 1.... With lots of Alitalia's Counters. A lot of them were designated for International Flights (all together... no matter what's your destination) I went to do the check in on self service... I wasn't able to change the seats... There was a lady on a counter designated for groups, that helped me, at the end she couldn't figure why, so she did it on her computer. But it was cool bec...
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