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  • mtrainer90
    started a topic The Delta Air Lines fleet

    The Delta Air Lines fleet

    The Delta Air Lines fleet from smallest to largest (seat capacity wise) as of 2021
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  • New aircraft ahead for Endeavor Air

    An Aviation News update about the recent Delta announcement of its Delta connection regional airline consolidation, Endeavor Air's new aircraft and an in depth look at its current fleet
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic German Air Force

    German Air Force

    Well. I should be able to say only the best words here in this topic.

    But probably I am also one of only two jetphotos members who knows a little bit more than the average guy on the street. So. I think this topic must be discussed on a brilliant aviation platform like jetphotos. With honest words, no exaggerated politeness.

    Sometimes I like to say, well, why don't you call a B744, there is at least one in Germany. Mostly I've said something like that when a member of the
    German Government ordered a flight, but that flight was not able to take off.

    Now, as I am not the only person who wonders how you can be a member of the German Government and order a flight but not be able to take off,
    let's discuss it.

    Jetphotos indeed is a briliant platform, jetphotos like this included: This is an Airbus A310-300, the series was built between 1982 and 1998. The a/c in the photo is ex re...
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  • mtrainer90
    started a topic The 737s of WestJet

    The 737s of WestJet

    The Boeing 737s of WestJet's fleet. 737-600, 737-700, 737-800, 737 Max8
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  • Images of Alitalia fleet for eBook project

    Dear friends, My name is Diego Meozzi and I'm the owner of a small family-run publishing company based in Italy. Being the son of an Alitalia captain (now retired) with over 21,000 flight hours, it was almost inevitable that I would develop a passion for flight. Recently, together with my wife, I started working on a series of eBooks dedicated to specific aspects of civil aviation and in particular of Alitalia, the Italian national airline. Since the funds available are very close to zero and in any case the eBooks will be sold at a much lower price than traditional printed books (hence our initiative is driven more by passion than by profit), we are seeking help from the community of plane spotters and enthusiasts willing to share their images of Alitalia planes. Although Italian law states that all photographs with no "artistic value" taken in our country before 1992 are considered to be copyright free, we believe it is unethical grabbing "vintage" images available on the Web wit...
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  • Syrian Arab Airlines turnes to Russian Manufacturers...

    I am a bit surprised that the sanction has not yet been reconsidered (or at least altered), by U.S. officials as of yet. That said, I wish them the best with a potential order of Russian aircraft. Perhaps we will see the Sukhoi SuperJet get an order because of this......
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  • Northwest merger: current routes?, fleet, ...

    When I read about the DL/NW-merger it almost seems impossible to merge the two companies in the way they want to do it.
    They not only want to paint all 315 NW-jets in DL colours, which to be polite is completely unnecessary (and which seems to be quite a delaying job..). But imho it is also a matter of corporate identity. I would not find it attractive if KMSP was my home base and then there is a decision, my home airline at KMSP disappears and is replaced by another.

    And they want to define a completely new route system? Or which NW-routes still exist?
    KMSP - EGLL?
    VABB - EGLL?
    KMSP - KIND?
    KIND - KLAS?
    KMSP - EHAM?
    KIND - KLAX?
    KLAX - RJAA?
    ...[to be continued]
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