Well. I really try hard to find topics where I can put in sentences which just are in my mind. And I am sure that in the past I wrote something about the
Lufthansa Airbus A380, and the fact that CEO Spohr also before that damn disease was sure

that only a hand full of once 14 Lufthansa A380-800 passenger jets

will survive in the Lufthansa fleet.

The newest thing which I heard is, Spohr does no longer want the Lufthansa A380. It is simply much too big.

Thus, Lufthansa becomes or already is one former A380 operator. So, as far as I know, this is one of the shortest memberships in a long haul a/c type club, where Lufthansa ever participated since 1955.
[For example, compared to my avatar.]

Lufthansa, member in the A380-800 club (2010-2020).

PS: I almost watch everything on TV which is broadcasted about my favorite airline, and I am almost sure that something like
'The last arrival of a Lufthansa...