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  • KIAD fsx - and if you like also KIAD xplane and KIAD prepar3d

    So. Long ago that I have opened a new topic here for only one picture, but you can see this as an invitation. If you fly one of the above mentioned simulator platforms,
    and since today I know at least one jetphotos member who does,

    we should post let's say one picture for one pilot, as a beginning. Youtube videos are easier, because that does not cause traffic here on the jetphotos servers.
    And for msfs 2020 pilots, if there really are some on planet Earth (?),
    we have the well known msfs 2020 topic here. Until now, still without one msfs2020 picture.

    So, one picture per pilot here in this topic, let's see. If you have two pictures, I assume that would not cause mayhem on the jp servers.
    Or a nice KIAD xplane youtube video? That's the East Coast, I know. But my avatar is also good for the West Coast, just be patient..

    I have new material.

    KIAD fsx 01 - So, what do I use. Fsx apparently, but not the wall which is...
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Robert S. Randazzo

    Robert S. Randazzo

    If I were Robert S. Randazzo, Flight Captain and owner of one of.., no, owner and salesman of THE very best semi-pro 747-400 fsx simulator which I know,
    then I'd probably look for someone who especially during the nightshift (!) cares for security on his servers!

    Only a few seconds ago, I've received a message, that my system is not able to 'telephone' with Randazzo's website!

    And my system normally is able to telephone with each and every website on this planet, so the error is on the other end of the line.

    I like to use this new topic for status messages for Randazzo's website. Without the claim to repair it. I'm old enough to understand that giving away server rights is a big step. But nevertheless.

    October 3rd, 2019, 0300 am CEST, Randazzo is not available.
    I plan to telephone after 0400 am again. The result will be mentioned here.
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  • Avia matts
    started a topic How to improv fsx

    How to improv fsx

    Hello people

    This chat is mend to improv your flying experience.
    Do you want real airlines in your fsx world ? go and watch
    : : this video really helped me out
    If you have any tips or whatever ,tell us
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Bcn - dus

    Bcn - dus

    All DUS bound pilots, and I don't only want to mention Patrick, who was an experienced flight captain with enough flight hours to get respect also from older pilots (he was only 3 years younger than me),
    have one flight, which they 've got to fly after day #zero.

    Like many others, I also did it. Don't let us mention the a/c, we all know the appropriate one...
    Probably, I've consciously not chosen the type which was forced to the total loss in March, 2015. Happy (and seldom) is a pilot who has the choice...

    Scheduled t/o at BCN is the same as in March. And it's still the same time for t/o. And, good flight weather assumed,

    it's a flight which I recommend not only because of BCN. You can also enjoy some pictures inflight, if you have a good F/O.
    Oops. Sometimes, my words sound a little bit hard. But believe me, the aim is ALWAYS the health of humans, not only flight captains included.

    Let's see what I've made of it.
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