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  • dermeister - Prescreening advice

    Hello, need some guidance about halo's. First of both photo's were rejected due to editing halo's.
    I have difficulties spotting them and correcting them.
    I think it's about the black & white lines at the edges of the aircraft

    I tried to use the method from the Youtube video linked in the tips & tricks, but I'm not quite sure if this helps to remove.
    The second picture is with the corrections.

    Please advice if this would be sufficient, or if the halo's are somewhere els. And how could I prevent them in the future.

    Kind Regards...
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  • How can I prevent haloes in the original picture?


    I am using the Nikon D7200. I usually use the Mode "A" (for Canon user it is "Tv") with f/9 and sometimes a correction of the exposure by -0.3 up to -1.0.
    However I often get some black haloes around the aircraft which are visible in the equalized version of the picture. I already switched of the "D-lightning"-feature
    of my camera which normally results in haloes.

    Here is one example - please disregard the dust spots - I only changed the framing during postprocessing. That is why the picture can be seen as original from the camera.

    Thanks for your help!


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