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  • Badly processed photo - Halos

    Hi friends,
    I have attended this forum as perhaps you can help me with recommendations or tips to improve in this area of ​​JetPhotos.

    I have a Nikon D5600, it has 4 months of use (it is new). I upload photos to JP, but my camera with only sky background photos gives me a lot of halos, the sky with grain and the clouds are very saturated.
    I have tried taking in several modes, Manual, semi-automatic (P, S, A, M) and automatic.

    In all shooting modes, it gives the same problem. I took my camera to the technician who tells me that all the camera components are in perfect condition.

    I only have problems uploading the photo and putting the ´´Check for dust´´ to the photo, there is the problem.

    I ask for your pleasant help, giving me recommendations on configuration perhaps or what is the ´´maximum amount´´ of halos with which JP accepts photos.


    Additional I attach several photos so that...
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  • valiii - editing advice, halo around aircraft - Nikon

    Hello Jetphoto Community

    Recently, I have severe problems with my Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 80-400mm 4.5 - 5.6 objective, in some light conditions creating dark halo around the aircraft. This is visible only when activating the function "check for dust" after uploading the photo. I use Lightroom for editing, taking care of not pushing up the darks too much.
    I suspect that the objective is relatively old and might need a deep clean. What else can I do?

    Photo as an example...
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  • (arora7dm) - prescreening request / editing advice

    Hello everyone:

    For this rejected photo, I got the comment that it was Over Processed / Bad postprocessing and later that Editing halos were visible. I need some help on editing halos (understand where they are) to clean this up. Any help would be appreciated. It is not because of the small size that I had to compress it to post? Is it because of doing sharpening? Thanks!
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  • mplace - Screening and Editing Advice

    I received my results yesterday of my last few submissions. All of my submissions were rejected for being over processed/bad post processing. The comment the screener left me yesterday for couple of my submissions was that I had "visible editing halos".

    My question is, how do I fix halos or prevent them when editing or going to spot? I have lightroom to edit my photos and I also have a D3400 for a camera. I would appreciate any help on how I could fix this issue and potentially fixing these photos.

    Here are the links to my last submissions:
    Froniter A320:
    Lufthansa A350:
    Allegiant A320:
    United 777-300ER:
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