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  • Lufthansa Airbus 350-900 from EDDH Hamburg nonstop to SFAL Port Stanley

    This topic is meant exactly as Gabriel and me mean our topic msfs 2020 in the jetphotos simulator section. It is meant as an invitation to write something when you have begun to make some experiences with that topic.

    So, I have not been on board, as you probably assume. Why not. Ahm. The wrong a/c type, in my eyes... ...

    Seriously, that was a charter flight operated by Lufthansa for the Alfred Wegener Institute for research on continent Antartica, Bremerhaven. The Stern magazine, Hamburg said,
    13,700 km nonstop.

    Now it's up to me to translate that into decent aviation English, isn't it. Ok, why not.
    13,700 km nonstop, or 7398 nautical miles nonstop, on board a LH-A359 . That's not bad, compared to the LH-B744 .

    The LH-A359 has at least 293 seats, or, dependant on the registration even 319 seats. So, I assume that the LH-A359 to Port Stanley was not packed (dt.: voll besetzt) .

    But even with five or...
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  • Everything about Dorval. Destinations, aircraft, history

    Sometimes, I really hate the internet. It always seems to provide data which is not older than 12 hours.

    But that is only a cheap lie.

    Since when the heck is MTPP deleted from the RV (Air Canada Rouge) flight plan, and why? And that's a fact, I just "telephoned" with RV.
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  • Air France 747 tribute flight(s)

    How do you operate your bedroom simulator? With consecutive destinations? I do, since a few months.

    My last destination was Cointrin. So, my next departure is Cointrin. With F-GITH. via de Gaulle to Dorval. or Princess Juliana.

    Stay tuned on this channel. AF-B747 was always there, as far as I can think back. For 45 years. And they provided a bunch of really fantastic 747 destinations. Let me show you two or three.
    [The LH CEO probably gets wild when he sees his friends in foreign ships. But I think the topic is worth it. It is a farewell. Only 2 or 3 destinations. Paris deserves a little help from friends.]
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