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  • Your favorite airports near the Pacific Ocean

    Well. It began with Tappen, British Columbia. Which is the home of Michael 'Mike' Hall, a - let me have a rough guess - 43 year old Rastafari rocker with 1978 sunglasses.

    And why do I know him, approx 6000 nautical miles away from his home. TV makes it possible. He appears every Tuesday here in Germany on Dmax,

    with Rust Valley Restorers Canada .

    I don't know yet which is his home airport, but Vancouver can't be that far away, at least less than 6000 nautical miles.

    So. Our favorite airports near the Pacific Ocean? If you ask me, then there is always only 1 answer. Look at my avatar. A LH-B744 with reverse thrust active ... @ KSFO .

    But since I have seen at least 2 jetphotos members who sometimes are sad because the coast of the Pacific Ocean is not so often mentioned here, I like to correct this bad behaviour.

    My choice:
    1. KSFO. The SF bay, Frisco . My WestCoast #1 since the year 2008 .
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  • Asiana to launch flights to Honolulu in September...

    Very nice to see! I hope that it leads to more regular service. I am assuming (that at 269 seats) we will be seeing A330 running these routes, no?...
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