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  • IAF Takes Delivery of the First Batch of Dassault Rafale

    Indian Air Force’s first batch of Rafales have landed in India today. Read more about it below.
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  • IndiGo ATR 72-600 Delivery Flight Lands at Delhi

    Watch the glimpses of the event when a few of our team members witnessed the @IndiGo6E ATR72-600 delivery flight landing at @DelhiAirport . Do like, share, comment and subscribe to our channel.

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  • Embraer to name its Indian operator soon

    The Brazilian small aircraft manufacturer Embraer expects to make an announcement for a new operator of its aircraft in the Indian market soon. “(The name of the operator is) still undisclosed but very soon we should be able to announce the new operators of the 50-seater aircraft in India. Some of them (airlines ordering Embraer aircraft) are existing, some of them could be new players,” Cesar Pereira, Vice-President, Asia Pacific, Embraer Commercial Aviation, told BusinessLine on the sidelines of the recently-concluded Dubai air show. Pointing out that the regional air connectivity scheme of the government is important for the development of regional aviation in the country, Pereira felt that this will create “great opportunity” for Embraer as it makes 70- to 130-seater aircraft which could be used in regional markets to connect to small cities. Earlier this month, IndiGo took delivery of an ATR 72-600 aircraft, the first of the 50 such planes that it plans to induct to participate i...
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  • ICAO concludes audit of India's aviation sector

    he UN aviation watchdog ICAO has concluded its audit of the country's aviation sector and according to preliminary feedback it was "satisfied" with the regulatory mechanism, the government said today.

    A five-member audit team of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was in India between November 6 and November 16 as part of its universal safety oversight audit programme.

    The team appraised six different areas, including personnel licencing, airworthiness, operations, legislation and organisation.

    The team members visited Chennai, Mumbai and that Civil Aviation Training College in Allahabad to inspect implementation of safety procedures laid down by the ICAO and India's aviation regulatory body Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

    "As per preliminary feedback, the audit team was satisfied with the safety system put in place by the safety regulator," according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation....
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  • Bag Tags, Safety Cards and Sickness Bags of India's newest airline - Vistara

    As the title suggests, I have for trade/sale baggage tags,inflight magazines, sickness bags and safety card of India's newest airline - Vistara.
    Vistara is a joint venture of Singapore Airlines and the Tata Group!
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  • Virgin Atlantic to resume London-Mumbai route...

    Well, with the exit of BMI, and more recently, Kingfisher, 'twas only a matter of time.
    The article, though, did not explicitly mention that the route would be LHR-BOM, but I assume so. Unless, they did start LGW-BOM which might offer them a great monopoly, and more options to some travelers.

    Good news to Vishal, as it will be an A330. We all know that he wants more A340, but an Airbus is and Airbus, right?...
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  • Jet Airways' Pilot Srike comes to an end...

    ...and the birth of a new union. Not the best time to initinate a strike (for the airline), yet perhaps the best time to strike (for a union). May this union find a happy niche and medium with the airline. Just a question - what other airlines in India are unionized? It's a bit odd to think of so many other Indian airlines without so much as a Pilot's Union and/or Cabin Crew union....
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  • Introducing Deccan Cargo Express Logistics!

    Well, congratulations to Mr. Gopinath for once again starting an airline in India. I really wish him the best of luck. Good news, more A310s in service. I wonder if these will be ex-AI aircraft or if they will be coming from another source. Is this the best market for such an airline?...
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  • "Lower fuel prices should mean lower fares," advises Patel.

    Although I see where he is coming from, it may be a bit too soon to attempt to effect this move. In reality - what real power does Mr. Patel, or the Indian Goverment have to effect the change? Can they modify the credit circumstances (that they already modified favorably to the airlines earlier) now as a vehicle for more control of airline prices. Do you guys think that he should take a more laissez-faire attitude? Do you think that any real, significant change will come of this?...
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