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  • Not sure about the information of an aircraft

    I'm not quite sure about the aircraft and which airliners it belongs to. Can anyone help me with that?...
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  • Sharing of information of rare planes

    I am doing an assignment at my university about planespotting and finding a solution to finding out when rare planes are coming to your local airport. When you have been a planespotter for a while, you get tired of taking pictures of the normal airline companies at your local airport. You want to find out when rare planes are coming to the airport, to avoid standing there for half a day with nothing showing up. This could be any type of plane that does not normally fly to your airport, no matter if it is civil, cargo, military etc. The problem as I see it, is that this information about rare planes coming to your airport is scattered all around different news sites, blogs, fora, facebook, governmental pages, twitter etc. You have to go through alot of information and be up to date all the time to know if there is anything interresting to spot. My solution to this problem would be to make a website/app with a calender. This solution would then include an index of all airports in the wor...
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  • What information for this photo?

    It still carries 'CDF' titles, although it is registered to Specline Inc. Also for the type should I use S2F-1 or submit a new type using the information (S2F-1 (TS-2A)) in the FAA db? It's also not preserved (although I wish it was), just sitting on the ramp so I wouldn't need to check that category correct?
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