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  • Help with photo submission


    Recently, I have been submitting lots of photos and getting many of them rejected for just one reason: Too much or too little contrast. Upon reading a thread in the forum, I know now that 99 percent of the time, it is too little contrast, but I still would like to know about some things to look for when editing contrast. Could someone give me tips for editing to get a good amount of contrast?

    Here is a link to the recently rejected photo:

    Thanks so much,
    Daniel M....
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  • Lorin
    started a topic Queue Photos

    Queue Photos

    Hello everybody. Heres my question

    When I want to upload a picture to JP, there is always this box which says: UPLOAD DISABLED

    Uploading has been disabled due to following reasons:
    • You have reached your queue limit

    I uploaded 5 photos on Saturday 13th and on Monday 15th all my photos were rejected, they were between 14000 and 15000 in the Queue, so were they even screened?
    I now cannot upload any photos, even dough I don't have any photos in the Queue and on the top left it says: "10 Daily slots left"

    Thank your for your help.


    sorry for my bad englisch ...
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  • The Flying Eagle - Pre-Screening Advice

    Hey guys, I got this photo denied. I know that the aircraft is far, but it's an Airport Overview. Why?

    They said that it has been rejected for poor quality, but the photo has been shoot in RAW and it's 8,5 MB large... ...
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  • Kiwispotter199
    started a topic Resizing Images

    Resizing Images

    I have several images that I want to post to jetphotos but I have to resize them, every time I do this, either the Width or the Height is too much or too little, how do I fix this?
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  • matteolamberts
    started a topic Thank you JP crew.

    Thank you JP crew.

    Hello JP crew,

    I reached 300 pictures in my first year and i'm 15 years old and because of that,

    I would like to thank everyone from JP crew for the help you gave me for my pictures it was amazing, thank you JP crew!

    Without you guys I would never have reached 300 pictures in my first year.

    Thanks once again and all the best!

    And simply amazing the work you do in helping people!

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  • Night Shots appearing a lot on Flight Radar 24 all of a sudden

    Hello. Good day. I do apologize in advance if this is the incorrect topic area. I just have a quick question. Howcome night shots are appearing on Flight Radar 24 all of a sudden. I was told via email that night shots do not appear on the radar (a while ago). Has this changed.

    Kind regards and happy clicking!
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