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  • Alaska Milk Run with rare ATC Audio

    This is a video of my trip on Alaska Airlines northern sector of the milk run. There are many trip reports of this but mine is the only one with ATC Audio from every single stop. I had to contact the FAA and file a FOIA request to get this audio, enjoy!!!...
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  • Peter Kesternich
    started a topic Operations at Juneau

    Operations at Juneau

    Hey everybody,
    I am doing some sim flying for a virtual airline and recently I was flying into and out of Juneau, Alaska (JNU/PAJN). This airport has the reputation to be among the most difficult in the USA. I have studied the instrument charts for Juneau at length on The instrument procedures are quite clear about the flight paths for final approach to runway 8 and for takeoffs from all runways in IMC.
    However, I would like to know if big aircraft like Alaska Airlines 737s also perform visual operations that involve approaching visually from the East through the fjord called Gastineau Channel or that involve departing straight out to the East through Gastineau Channel and resuming IFR as soon as they have cleared the mountains in the area.
    It would be great to get some information on operations at Juneau. Maybe even an Alaska Airlines pilot comes along and fills me in
    Thanks in advance for any input.
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