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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Current 757 operators

    Current 757 operators

    This is what I found just a few moments ago, on the main page. And I thought.. well, since the eleven years which I am here on board this fantastic aviation forum, we have not yet discussed the 757 so very often. Thus, I chose to open a topic for the Boeing 757 .

    United still flies the 757 in both versions, -200 and -300,
    plus the 767, version UA-B763ER . But they decided against the 747. Which, by Gabriel, was explained by... (not word by word) .. ah, nobody in the year 2020 uses four engined long haul jets..

    Which is only correct if the White House in Washington is nobody. Plus a few minor International airlines from...
    The Netherlands, Great Britain, et cetera ...

    Back on topic. This is one brilliant photo in the topic 'Boeing inside',
    a/c type UA-B752 ...

    I immediately thought, well, this is not a 747-400 isn't it. No it is not:
    only two thrust levers, and subsequently,...
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  • LH plans long-haul, LCC (with possibly TK patnership)...

    I hope that they are able to partner with TK on this one. I guess that AirBerlin is making a good enough show of it to make it attractive....
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