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lufthansa x

    started a topic LUFTHANSA LIVERY


    Am i the only one that thinks the old 2000s lufthansa blue and yellow livery was better than the new blue and white livery?...
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  • Commonly known a/c types, presented in aviation museums.

    Well. I always have the words of "our" CEO, Flight Captain C. Spohr in my ears. He said something like, 'this summer 2022 we need all and every jets who ever have taken off for the Lufthansa,
    back in the air!' .

    I wished, I could help him. But concerning my favorite a/c type, the LH-B744, there today already everybody is in the air who ever owned a LH-B744 F/O license.

    So. Let's go back one generation. The Lufthansa B747-200, who was in the air between 1971 and 2004, before one (or two) 747 lovers sent her up on her socket in the Museum at Speyer.

    Speyer. This is a cute little town, compared to Duisburg. And since 2002, they own an a/c type there in Speyer, which I'm definitely interested in, since 1978. The Lufthansa Boeing 747:

    Hm. I can clearly see the hunger in your eyes, you need more, don't ya. And I like to give you more, isn't that perfect? ...
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic The Lufthansa newsletter.

    The Lufthansa newsletter.

    Well. Obviously I am what I never tried to be, namely the man who is responsible for Lufthansa news here in this forum. But let's take it as it is.

    So. Let's have a look at the following weblink:

    Nothing new about my avatar. 747s are always needed, especially in these days ... Die Passagiere scharren mit den Hufen. In English: Everybody wants to fly in these days.

    But what about my bigger sister. Which somehow is the LH-A388. It is said in this weblink:

    This wednesday, I wondered what "our" CEO, Mr C. Spohr, means by that. The LH A380 fleet once was 8 a/c . Minus 6, which were given back to Airbus.

    So at least 2 LH-A388 will come back into the air, with the Kranich on her tail fin.

    Breaking news, as I would say, published June 27th 2022, which was 48 hours ago....
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  • My accepted photo disappeared!!

    My Jetphotos account is anandy. I received an email that my photo was accepted, but there is no basic information about the photo and there’s no my photo in the email, there’s only the number and queue length, and there is no my photo on Jetphotos.

    My photo number is 10369594

    What should I do for my photo?!...
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  • Robert S Randazzo in the year 2021.

    Well. It seems as if Flight Captain Randazzo no longer supports my flight simulator. Which is a strong statement, because two minutes ago, I have decided to still support him,
    so this is a oneway support if you like. I support him, but I don't get anything back.

    My favorite aircraft of all times hasn't changed. It still is visible in my avatar. Mr Andrew Hunt obviously was here on this platform this summer, who since more than 20 years publishes
    very brilliant jetphotos of the a/c type Boeing 747-400:

    Flight Captain Randazzo has decided that he sells the 747-400 and, what bothers me most, also the 747-800 for
    Prepar3d customers only.

    So, from tonight on, you will be able to see the difference between people who use Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator since more than 5 years and people who buy prepar3d because Captain Randazzo told them to do so.

    Still fsx, here on my side.
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  • Lufthansa Airbus 350-900 from EDDH Hamburg nonstop to SFAL Port Stanley

    This topic is meant exactly as Gabriel and me mean our topic msfs 2020 in the jetphotos simulator section. It is meant as an invitation to write something when you have begun to make some experiences with that topic.

    So, I have not been on board, as you probably assume. Why not. Ahm. The wrong a/c type, in my eyes... ...

    Seriously, that was a charter flight operated by Lufthansa for the Alfred Wegener Institute for research on continent Antartica, Bremerhaven. The Stern magazine, Hamburg said,
    13,700 km nonstop.

    Now it's up to me to translate that into decent aviation English, isn't it. Ok, why not.
    13,700 km nonstop, or 7398 nautical miles nonstop, on board a LH-A359 . That's not bad, compared to the LH-B744 .

    The LH-A359 has at least 293 seats, or, dependant on the registration even 319 seats. So, I assume that the LH-A359 to Port Stanley was not packed (dt.: voll besetzt) .

    But even with five or...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-02-03, 01:12. Reason: The longest nonstop flight in Lufthansa history, until today.

  • World's Busiest Airport (Single Runway) - Cargo Movements at CSMIA Mumbai

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  • Starting my model collection

    Decided to start collecting models for every aircraft I have worked on as an AMT
    Un-boxing the first aircraft I ever worked on and the first heavy aircraft I ever worked on. Gemini 200 Delta CRJ200 and Lufthansa A330
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  • Lufthansa 747-8 take off, DTW

    Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 747-8, D-AI Departing from Detroit metro, DTW runway 22L 4-16-19 as flt 9871 repositioning back to FRA. This Aircraft diverted in 4/13 due to weather in ORD and then broke and was waiting on a computer from FRA
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  • Lufthansa A340-600 take off, dtw

    Lufthansa Airlines Airbus A340-600 D-AIHX departing Detroit metro, DTW runway 4R as flt 443 to FRA 3-26-19
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  • Lufthansa A340-600 take off ,DTW

    Lufthansa airlines Airbus A340-600 D-AIHX departing Detroit metro, DTW runway 22L 2-2-19. FLT 443 to FRA
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  • First Lufthansa A380 new livery is out!

    The very first Lufthansa new livery A380 has came out of the painting hangar at Guangzhou (CAN/ZGGG) today, Reg. number D-AIMD
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  • New livery Lufthansa A330 take off, DTW

    Lufthansa Airlines Airbus A330-300 D-AIKI departing Detroit metro, DTW runway 22L 10-29-18 as Flt 443 to FRA
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  • Lufthansa 747-400 landing

    Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 D-ABVP landing at Vancouver intl, YVR 4-17-18
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  • Rainy Lufthansa 747-400 landing, YVR

    Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 747-400, D-ABVR landing at Vancouver intl, YVR as Flt: LH492 from FRA 4-16-18
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