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  • Photo rejected for bad contrast and bad info with no further clarification. Tips?

    Hello, I’m new to airplane photography and recently tried uploading this photo of an Egyptian Airforce Commando MK.2 variant of the Westland Seaking helicopter.

    it was rejected for low sharpness, bad lighting, contrast and bad info. I re-uploaded it after (trying to) fix said issues )
    but was rejected for bad contrast and bad info. I wasn’t told what the bad info is despite asking, so was wondering if anyone can help with that — and what the issue with the contrast is. Is it fixable? This would be the first photo of this registration in the database and as far as I can tell the first photo of the commando variant.

    I was also wondering how to resize the image to 1280 pixels without losing too much detail. I’m currently using an online service.

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  • Rejected Post

    Hello, I just uploaded this photo to jetphotos, and it got rejected for bad info, i got confused which one is the registration and which one is the serial number, according to these are the infos (picture). And also how does this picture get rejected for "invalid hot" if it was not in jetphotos yet. I checked similar aircraft with the registration of "70105" it exist, so i'm guessing that this is the serial number of that aircraft, so this must be 70103 isn't it? ...
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  • New BlackHawks for the Chilean Air Force.

    Last July, the Antonov An-124 belonging to the Volga Dnepr company, which was transporting from Poland the new S-70i BlackHawk (designated locally as MH-60M), arrived at Pudahuel Air Base in Santiago de Chile.

    During these last weeks the helicopters have been subjected to test flights by the Sikorsky, to be later officially delivered to the Chilean Air Force.

    It is expected that by October of this year the following 3 Blackhawks will arrive to complete a total fleet of 7 Blackhawks (The Chilean Air Force has since 1998 an S-70A donated by the American Government for the loss of the UH-1H helicopters in the peace missions in Kuwait in the 90's).

    If someone has information or pictures of the test flights of the next 3 BlackHawks would be appreciated.

    Greetings, and have good photos.

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