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  • model this aircraft is?

    Hi, can you tell me what model this aircraft is? pemsavo in a pipistrel but those beams under the wings confuse me. Thanks for your help....
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  • airplane type help

    hello I wanted to know what model this aircraft is. I was unable to trace the model in detail. moreover, an image like this could also be good as a horizon? thank you ...
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Airworthy 747-400 models

    Airworthy 747-400 models

    Some websites are really worth a visit, plus a separate topic here at JP, because it just took me almost 15 minutes to find back to this craze German guy.

    This is the herpa 1:500 topic, continued, for adults.

    Here it is. The 747 for your living room. What did I say, 70,60 meters : 16 = 4,4125 meters long? LOL!

    Scale 1:16. For Adults, as I mentioned. The MTOW probably is the only thing which he didn't build in 1:16..

    24,8125 metric tons? No. But nevertheless, very impressive, even for me.

    PS: As I said, the EDDL 23L temporarily should be free. Use the CT frequency for 150750Z. Harr....
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  • How to identify plane type from the ground?


    I have a newbie question, hope it's OK and in line with the scope of

    We live close to Copenhagen airport CPH, and ever so often planes pass over our house.

    I'm looking for some easy way to identify the different aircrafts - not the carriers but rather the makers and models.

    For example, the big ones with four engines: probably Boeing 747 or Airbus A340, right? But how do you tell the difference when it's 1.000 feet up and you can't see if there's any "bump"? And if/when a A380 comes by, how do you know?

    I've done some searches online but haven't managed to find anything useful, so I hope for more tips and guidance here.


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