Well. I always have the words of "our" CEO, Flight Captain C. Spohr in my ears. He said something like, 'this summer 2022 we need all and every jets who ever have taken off for the Lufthansa,
back in the air!' .

I wished, I could help him. But concerning my favorite a/c type, the LH-B744, there today already everybody is in the air who ever owned a LH-B744 F/O license.

So. Let's go back one generation. The Lufthansa B747-200, who was in the air between 1971 and 2004, before one (or two) 747 lovers sent her up on her socket in the Museum at Speyer.

Speyer. This is a cute little town, compared to Duisburg. And since 2002, they own an a/c type there in Speyer, which I'm definitely interested in, since 1978. The Lufthansa Boeing 747:

Hm. I can clearly see the hunger in your eyes, you need more, don't ya. And I like to give you more, isn't that perfect? ...