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  • Canon EOS 4000D Battery Grip?

    Hi, i have this question, i have a Canon EOS 4000d, and i Will start to use it. Is a "new" camera, launched in 2018. I want to know if a Battery Grip can be used in this camera, if Yes, which Battery Grip?
    Thanks! -MM
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  • Airport Overview Shots

    Hello. I previously tried posting an overview shot of Marshfield Municipal Airport (KGHG) on JP. The photo was taken from the sky, while doing a flight lesson. However, when I tried submitting it, it would not let me submit it, as I had left the "aircraft registration" box empty. Obviously I couldn't fill this in, as the picture included no aircraft. What do I do to fix this?
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  • Buying a NEW CAMERA

    Hi guys, I need advice with buying a camera. So far I've been using a Sony DSX-HX90 which is a small, NON-DSLR camera (or whatever you want to call this type of camera). I think it's time for me to upgrade to a DSLR. It is hard for me to get a good result with my current camera. For example, it is bad at low-light. Grain and heat haze is a big issue. Also, I cannot do firing mode properly because the camera does not re-focus between each shot. I've also noticed that I can get blurry photos very easily.
    For example, when I take photos of a cockpit after a flight, grain and blur always occurs on my photos. Here is a PERFECT example.... (look at the top left of the photo).

    Here are some other examples of bad results...

    So, I'm thinking about getting the Nikon D3400. It is $799 AUD and it comes with two lenses (18-55 and 55-200). I don't wanto to spend toooo much money on this so anyway... Have any of you people had any experience with this c...
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  • Nick Aviation - Editing Advice

    Hi screeners, staff and photographers. Could you please pre-screen these two photos? Regards, Nick...

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  • KLAS
    started a topic KLAS - Editing help

    KLAS - Editing help

    Hi all! I was wondering if you could take a look at the following photos and help me with some editing suggestions if they at all have a chance at making it.

    Thank you all in advance!...
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  • Does this need Airport Overview?

    Good day. I have a quick question.

    does this need Airport Overview seeing that its viewing more than one aircraft on the apron?

    Kind regards

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    Hello. my name is Matthew and need help on two things. Does this need a "night shot" category because the sun was rather low? And will it get rejected for horizon unlevel because I did straighten it? and help would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards. Matthew...
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    Last edited by Matthew Rodgers; 2017-05-28, 16:29. Reason: forgot about another question

  • Canon 450D Settings?

    Hi guys,

    New here so please bear with me I’m still learning! Quick question for anyone using the above equipment, which settings do you use when taking photos of aircraft (Both takeoff/landing & taxiing)?

    I’m currently using a 70-300mm non image stabilised lens, and a 50-250mm Image stabilised lens...

    Do people tend to use an automatic setting or manual using their own choice of aperture, ISO & shutter speed?

    Excuse the ignorance, like I say I am still learning!

    Kindest regards,

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