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  • RAF Red Arrows Display Team at London Stansted Airport with Flypast & RAF Voyager

    The Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic display team arrived at London Stansted Airport on 24 July 2021 ahead of their planned displays at the Duxford Air show in the UK. The very popular Red Arrows drew a large crowd at London Stansted Airport for their arrival and departure and for a couple of flybys including a formation and smoke. Accompanying the Hawk jets were two RAF Voyagers, one captured in this video.

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  • 29 minutes of Vancouver, YVR planespotting

    Plane spotting at Vancouver, YVR April 16 & 17 2018
    British airways 747-400, LHR Air Canada A321 C-GJWN, YYZ Eva Air 777-300 B-16733, TPE Air Canada 787-8 C-GHPQ, EWR Air Canada Rouge 767-300 C-FMWY, HNL Air Canada 777-300 777-300 C-FITL, SYD FedEx (Morningstar Express) Cessna 208 C-FEXF China Eastern A330-200 B-5975 China Eastern A330-200 B-5943 HongKong A330-200 B-LNK Korean Air B787-9 HL-8085, ICN Air Canada Rouge A319 C-FYJE Air China B777-300 B-2085 Japan Airlines B787-8 JA824J Lufthansa B747-400 D-ABVR, FRA Philippines B777-300 RP-7781 Air Canada B787-9 C-FGEO Korean Air B787-9 HL-8081, ICN Cathay Pacific B777-300 Sichuan Airlines A330-200 B-6518 Air Canada B777-300 C-FIUW, PVG ANA B787-9 JA885A Lufthansa B747-400 D-ABVP, FRA WestJet B737-8Max C-GXAX, YYZ CargoJet 767-300 C-FCCJ, YYC CargoJet 767-300 C-GVIJ, YYC Air Canada (TCA) C-FZUH Air Canada B737-8Max C-FSOB, YYZ Air Canada B777-300 C-FITW, PEK Air New Zealand B777-200 ZK-OKG, AKL KLM B777-200 PH-BQF, AMS WestJet B737-8...
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  • Delta Airbus A350 Landing in Detroit

    2nd newest addition to the fleet...
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  • Miami Heavies Landing Compilation

    Miami is great for planespotting. So many heavies!...
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  • Sharing of information of rare planes

    I am doing an assignment at my university about planespotting and finding a solution to finding out when rare planes are coming to your local airport. When you have been a planespotter for a while, you get tired of taking pictures of the normal airline companies at your local airport. You want to find out when rare planes are coming to the airport, to avoid standing there for half a day with nothing showing up. This could be any type of plane that does not normally fly to your airport, no matter if it is civil, cargo, military etc. The problem as I see it, is that this information about rare planes coming to your airport is scattered all around different news sites, blogs, fora, facebook, governmental pages, twitter etc. You have to go through alot of information and be up to date all the time to know if there is anything interresting to spot. My solution to this problem would be to make a website/app with a calender. This solution would then include an index of all airports in the wor...
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  • How to identify plane type from the ground?


    I have a newbie question, hope it's OK and in line with the scope of

    We live close to Copenhagen airport CPH, and ever so often planes pass over our house.

    I'm looking for some easy way to identify the different aircrafts - not the carriers but rather the makers and models.

    For example, the big ones with four engines: probably Boeing 747 or Airbus A340, right? But how do you tell the difference when it's 1.000 feet up and you can't see if there's any "bump"? And if/when a A380 comes by, how do you know?

    I've done some searches online but haven't managed to find anything useful, so I hope for more tips and guidance here.


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