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  • Pre screen KLAF night shots

    Hello! I am currently having trouble deciding which photo would be best to upload of this E120. I don't typically upload long exposures here. So, I really love photo 1 because of the waving wands and I feel like it's a pretty unique shot, however photo 2/3 have better lighting. Would photo 1 still be accepted, and would I upload all of these photos as just "night shot" (No artistic or anything?) Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!...
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  • (Oskari Larsen) - prescreening request / editing advice

    Hello. This is my first post to the JetPhotos forum, and I haven't yet gotten any photos accepted in the database. I have already had 7 photos rejected. For some of them, when I looked at them again, I noticed myself that they were bad. But some of the photos I sent I still think look good.
    Many of the photos have had Bad Composition in the rejection reasons. Last Friday (26.9.2019(in european)) I was at the airport and got some good photos because the weather was great. I would like it if you would prescreen these photos.

    This is the first photo, unedited. I have only adjusted it to 1280 pixels wide.

    This is the first photo, cropped and adjusted to 1280 pixels wide.

    This is the second photo, only adjusted to 1280 pixels wide.

    This is the second photo, cropped and adjusted to 1280 pixels wide.
    Please tell me if they are centered right and why they would or would not get accepted. Thanks in advance!...
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  • SouthernDude - Prescreening and Editing Advice

    Hello! Can I get feedback on these photos? I know they're not great, but I am seeking to improve.

    Thanks all!...
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  • Speedbird2706 editing advice

    Hi all, I am relatively new to the forum but I have uploaded photos to the database. I live in Seattle so the weather is very fickle, and that means a lot of "Too much/too little contrast" rejections I am hoping to get some help as the gray and rainy months come. My first one is of the first United Airlines 787-10 landing at PAE yesterday, however the clouds rolled in.

    Heres the link to the image:

    Any help is appreciated

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