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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Airbus A400M

    Airbus A400M

    "Der A400M ist schon lange als Pannenflieger verschrien." quotation from tagesspiegel, Berlin, February 7th 2017. In English, with German as my mother tongue: "The A400M still has one or two problems in 2017." But why? "Am 19. Mai 2015 wurde gemeldet, dass Softwareprobleme den Airbus-Absturz verursacht hätten." quotation from de wiki 'Airbus A400M'. In English: "Since May 19th 2015 there is a communication about software problems in the A400M cockpit." But why? To avoid switching back and forth between German and English, I'll tell what I've read today in these two sources, in English. The German Department of Defense was not able to be transported with an A400M, and so, what happened. Btw, that incident didn't concern five or six German Air Force Generals plus 3 Colonels, but it concerned the chief of the German Department of Defense, the German Minister of Defense! What happened is, the German Minister of Defense had to board a German ...
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Active Camera Demo Problem

    Active Camera Demo Problem

    My plan, first read the forums, then only post a question that I did not find answered, is not that easy.. I not only searched the jp forum, but seeveral others, too and: there is still a mystery, I try to shortly describe it to you.

    Active Camera Demo (Shareware) is available via this link So I was already happy that I found this link and I freely chose one of the two AC demo-versions (AC demo 2.1 for FS9.1, not for FS9.0), ..should 9.0 or 9.1 make that difference? It apparently does, after download and install "for FS9.1", nothing happens if I press the "X"-key sitting in the Virtual Cockpit (restricted to KSEA, but I was at KSEA, which I checked, too). Next thing, I checked my FS9 version, and it is FS9.1, so the downloaded "AC for FS9.1" should be correct, but repeatedly nothing happens with the "X"-key. Then, several forums later, I found an entry that basically said "the order in which you...
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