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  • Backlit and High or low contrast helps.

    I recently sent a photo, on the first attempt I received it because it was dark, and on the second, backlit and with too much or too little contrast, I messed around a bit with the editing and I don't really know how I can go about solving this, can anyone help me?

    I'm a beginner and I only have one photo approved, with it I had more or less a notion of a photo on the ground... help me please, you don't have to act mean, my English is not good.

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  • Editing Advice/Review - AlexTakingFlight

    Hi, all

    Just had a couple of rejections, just wanted to check and see if my fixes are appropriate, or if they introduce more issues. (Both came back with "Too Dark" response)

    I mostly edit in Lightroom, so any advice on the best way to touch these up would be appreciated
    Original Updated
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  • CARBONOX CN - Pre-screening advice

    Hello guys.Lately I've been uploading photos but only one was accepted.Some rejected photos had nothing wrong but a tag called"JPG compression artefacts",I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos and some had this problem but others don't.I don't really know what causes this problem and how can I solve this?Pls help!
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  • DSM_Planes
    started a topic Please help!

    Please help!

    My photos keep getting rejected for bad quality/cropping (i use iphone 11 so i have to crop a lot to get the maximum pixels) Any website that is more beginner friendly or any suggestions?
    Rejection Reason(s): - Bad Composition (bad framing / aircraft not centered)
    - Cropping / Photo edges / Size Ratio
    - Bad quality
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  • Multiple rejection syndrome (will trade remaining dignity for photo help)

    I don’t have much online presence, especially for a 20-something, which has perhaps amplified the pain I felt after a third rejection of a photo I thought was good or at least perfectly acceptable. Here's how it went:

    1st attempt - Too much or too little contrast

    It's flat. Got it. So I adjusted levels to add more pop.

    2nd attempt - Too much or too little contrast + Bad framing

    I guess I over-did the contrast. Highlights too pumped? I'll bring those down. Also now screeners tell me they don't like how it's centered. Fine. I can fix that. I read all the forums, posts, and blogs to make sure I know what boxes to check.

    3rd attempt - Too much or too little contrast + Over processed/bad processing

    Now I'm reconsidering my experience of reality. I've run through the checklist: no haze, no blur, meticulously centered, everything else is Goldilocks. The over-processed tag hurt the most after my attempts to devine...
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  • Hot photo rejection - 48 hour rule


    I recently uploaded five photos to the database as a hot photo. These photos were all rejected for "invalid hot" even though the first appearance of the registrations was last night, just now around 24 hours ago. Should I appeal these for following the 48 hour rule?
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  • Photo editing/prescreening advice

    Hello everyone! I have uploaded this photo on the Jetphotos, but it got rejected. One of the reasons was too much / too little contrast. I wonder how I could check the contrast and properly set it?
    And, generally, are there any advices on this photo? Thank you. ...
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  • Confused about Dirty Scan / CMOS Dust spots

    Hi! I recently uploaded 4 photos onto JetPhotos, and 3 out of 4 were rejected. They were all taken from the same date, around the same time of the day. One photo (Air Force 1) got rejected 2 weeks ago due to some reasons that I fixed, however this and 2 other photos were rejected only due to "Dirty Scan / CMOS Dust spots". I am very confused about this, because this is not a rejection reason I generally receive. I have a pretty decent camera setup (Eos R, canon l-series 100-500mm & canon 24-240mm), and I do not transfer my filed over dropbox/cloud servers, I import them directly into my pc (lightroom). I am unsure of what to do. Thanks!
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  • Need editing advice

    Hello JP Forum,

    Got this picture rejected for "Too Much or too little contrast"

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank You!
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  • N500NB aircraft Info

    I uploaded this photo yesterday as a hot because FR24 still displays a Cessna under the reg N500NB. On the aircraft front, it shows 'Embraer Praetor 500'. When uploading the photo and selecting the aircraft type, there is no option of 'Embraer Praetor'. And I searched 3 different websites, that Praetor 500 has the aircraft type number of EMB-545, which was what I entered in the information. And when I appealed, the screener rejected and replied with what is shown in the screenshot. I believe I have been wrongly rejected? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I made the point pretty clear.

    Photo URL:

    The websites that displays 'EMB-545' for this rej:

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  • Hayden Ng
    started a topic Rejection help

    Rejection help

    Hi there, I would like to ask about my recent rejection. I uploaded the shot twice but it still got rejected for "dark/unexposed" and "too much/little contrast". I do acknowledge that the lighting conditions and camera settings weren't ideal then, but is there anything that I can do to "save" it? Thank you very much in advance.

    P.S. Does anyone know how to correctly add the forum banner? I do know how to get the code, but when I go to "edit post signature" and add it, it shows that there's an error....
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  • I've been rejected because of unsharpened. I threw it into photoshop made it a little more sharpened, didn't know you could do that but I did.
    I submitted a rejection appeal told them that I'll sharpen the photo in photoshop and they said Admin Comments >> "Sounds great, please do."
    I've done the edit to the photo I just don't know how to reach out to them and send it. I as well do not know how to upload the JPEG file to them.
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  • Rejection/Editing Advice - Marcos Marcel

    Hi this photo was rejected for the 3rd time, and i really don't know more, what do to correct it!
    Could anyone help me please?
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  • Photos editing suggestions - Manos

    Hello everybody,

    I have recently tried to upload some pictures of an aircraft, but my submissions have been rejected due to the following reasons:
    - Undersharpened (Soft)
    - Backlit
    - Too much noise or grain
    - JPG compression artefacts
    - Categories wrong or missing

    As of the editing process which I followed, I thought that in order to cover the photos submission resolution requirements, I had to crop the pictures or to compress them, since they exceeded the maximum approved resolution.
    However, they finally got rejected and now I find myself a little bit confused as to what to do.
    Therefore, any recommendations and tips as regards the editing process could be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much
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  • RobertLN
    started a topic Question regarding Rejected Photos

    Question regarding Rejected Photos

    Hey there,
    I am pretty new to this site. I have a question: do rejected photos disappear 7 days or 14 days after the first screening? When I click on the rejected image it states 7 days but on the overview it says 14 days. When is the slot cleared?
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