Well, after more than 15 years here on this platform, now I have a little problem. I am not able to participate in this very very very very very great hashtag, because I've never in my life been a
member of twitter.

For 35 years he is the German voice of Snooker, and you really can't buy such a voice again, not for good and much money. His name is Mr Rolf Kalb (*1959), and for me it will be very hard to no longer hear him on the microphone, because Hückelhoven here on this airport is a well known area. He speaks German, but with a sound which very much reminds people with my home airport
of home. Der spricht so wie wir.

With Rolf Kalb as a good teacher, I was able to learn the basic rules of Snooker. So, what can I say. Was machen wir denn jetzt ohne Rolf Kalb? First of all, we can enjoy him, he again is with us
during the 2024 World Snooker Championship in the Crucible. But then, comparable to President Obama, he will do his final Mic Drop:...