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  • kyle-300ER
    started a topic KYIV Spotting Assistance

    KYIV Spotting Assistance


    I am planning a trip to Kyiv in the coming months and I would like some advice on whether or not the airports are spotter friendly or not. Are there any particular areas which are popular with local spotters?

    I do not mind going to either of the main airports in the city, but if I could get any military aircraft that would be a bonus. Would really appreciate any assistance if anyone has been.

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  • Paris - CDG Spotting questions

    Hello everyone,
    I will be visiting at Paris from Israel between the 18th-26th of August. I am interested on going spotting for a day when I am in Paris but as I see it is very complicated to get around to the good locations that I am interested in. If anyone reading this would like to come on a spotting day with me and show around the cool spots of CDG I would be more than thrilled to go around with you.

    Also, if anyone can help explain to me how I can get around to some good spots without a car that would be appreciated too

    You can find me on facebook, my name is Liav Zimelman,

    Thanks so much for whoever can help!
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  • I Am Trying to Reach 500 Subscribers by MAY 1 for My Birthday

    Hey everyone,
    I am a 14 year old (nearly 15) that has been plane spotting for nearly 4 years now but I have only recently started videography, so I decided to start a channel.
    It would be amazing if everyone that read this post could subscribe to my channel by clicking on the following link and then clicking subscribe!
    Thank you all so much for your support and I promise that I will continue to post content on my channel!

    (Link deleted)
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  • Chiddy
    started a topic Unknown Aircraft

    Unknown Aircraft

    A few weeks ago I took some pictures with my camera outside. I randomly took a picture of a plane at something around 10.000 Meters. I excuse the bad picture quality because I took the picture without a tripod.
    At the first moment when I looked at it I assumed that it has to be a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy but the plane has got no winglets and the whole shape (wings etc.) is different. Thanks for your help!
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  • Spotting at Istanbul Yesilkoy Airport LTBA/IST and LTFJ/SAW

    Hello everyone,

    I am Turkish spotter. We have spotting group its name SpotTR. You can find information spotting at Istanbul.

    We are waiting you
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  • An evening "bird watching" @ STN

    On Friday last week, I finally had opportunity to visit my local airport (EGSS/STN) for a bit of "BIG Bird Watching". Unless I'm doing it from my pc in the virtual sense, I don't really go into the sort of detail like an average spotter does, where they have goals to see, log, and photograph every plane in an airline's fleet. - NO! I'm just a casual spotter who enjoys watching the aircraft movement and occasionally likes to lookup where an aircraft has been to.. the first part of my visit I spent between 7:30-8:00pm there and watched a german-wings arrival splitting the regular easyjet/ryanair movements. There was an air-atlas plane due to go but I didn't see this on my first visit. Returning later my patience throughout the first fifteen minutes after 9pm was rewarded as I watched a familiar looking easyjet craft taxi onto Rwy23...Internet research later confirms that it was indeed reg no: G-ZAPX, the titan-air wet-lease boeing 757, flying easyjet colors. He was actually ...
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  • iirwin
    started a topic Ladders at the YSSY fence

    Ladders at the YSSY fence

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if it is still cool to put up a ladder near the fence on the beach next to taxiway alpha at sydney? I will of course keep the 1 metre distance at all times?

    Was asking because i havent seen that done in a while

    Thanks for your help


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  • Nikon D80 settings for the mound

    Hey guys,

    I am an amateur just starting out in spotting at sydney YSSY. I Have my Scanner and a Nikon D80 with a 70-300mm lens. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the settings i could use when shooting at the mound? I've tried once but I didn't center the images and got backlighting on aircraft (rookie mistakes

    Someone (Ryan) said to use my shutter speed a stop and a third above the focal length. Someone else they use other settings and achieve great results.

    So any help as to the settings I should use would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much,

    Ian Irwin
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  • iirwin
    started a topic Amateur needs some help

    Amateur needs some help

    Hey guys,

    I'm fairly new to spotting . I have my Camera and my scanner but I need some help from you guys as to what is acceptable on this site and what processing I need to do if they are good enough. I shall attach some of the shots I took yesterday.

    Any help or input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys,

    Ian Irwin
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  • Plane Spotters ARRESTED in Delhi

    Stephen Hampston (46) and Steve Martin (55) were detained in their fourth floor room of the Radisson hotel at Mahipalpur right opposite runway 11-29 at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, for indulging in "suspicious" activities....
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  • YVR Trip on 3/21/09 (help from locals?)

    I am making my first trip up to YVR tomorrow morning to do some spotting from SEA. The opportunity came up kinda of last minute. I've had a bit of trouble locating spotting directions and locals who can help direct me(I will have a car). If any locals are out there it'd be great to get your advice. I'd prefer not to spot/park somewhere that is frowned upon and mess things up. Also, I've gathered that a larger ladder isn't need - nothing more than a step-stool. Anyone confirm/deny this?
    Hope I can get some last minute help on this! PM me or reply please!
    Thanks in advance
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