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  • HarriSN7260
    started a topic Engine pics allowed?

    Engine pics allowed?

    Are engine pictures allowed on Jetphotos? I can't find an option to upload it as is.
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  • Martinair
    started a topic Upload Slots

    Upload Slots


    I have a question. How do I get more upload slots?

    Best greetings
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  • Matthew Rodgers
    started a topic Backlit


    Hello. My apologies to bother you all. I just have a quick question. So i have had a few photos that have been rejected for backlit, but then we had a screener who came down for a holiday a few months ago.

    Now, i am not in anyway trying to be rude in any way. I am grateful that i have gotten my small amount photos up.

    But this screeners profile had seriously backlit photos and i don't see how some of them got accepted. Like it was dark, underexposed and terrible lighting (doesnt matter with lighting). So as i was saying. How come this screener got his/her photos accepted when some of them were really not the JP quality. The rest of his/her photos are beautiful but I'm just curious. Surely they also have to follow these guidelines to uploading?

    Kind regards
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  • Composition for Uploads

    How much of the aircraft can be allowed to be cutoff from the image in order to be acceptable? I had some of my pictures getting rejected because parts of the aircraft were cut-off but am seeing
    people post images with cut-off aircrafts.
    Thanks from a newbie
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