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  • dzanello
    started a topic Sju-phl us a333 02/02/2013

    Sju-phl us a333 02/02/2013

    Flight from San Juan to Philadelphia, on US Airbus A330-300. Largest commercial aircraft seen at SJU that day.

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  • US Airways seating advice

    Hi everyone, Well I need advice on whether I should change my seat or not. I will be flying from the LA to LHR via PHL and from CDG to LA via CLT, A321-A330-200-A330-200-A320, respectively. The problem is the seat I chose for my flight from LAX to PHL(A321), 14F, has a misaligned window according to Seatguru. For Anyone who has possibly flown this aircraft or knows the layout and such, is it that bad? Will I still have a "view" for say recording? I'm a little hesitant on changing seats only because the only window seats left are all the way in the back. Another thing, they keep changing the aircraft for the CDG-CLT leg. It started out with an A330, then B767 and now back to an A330. I wouldn't mind other than the fact that my seat selections keep messing up and I'm scared if they do a last minute switch I'll end up with an isle seat or in between people I don't know. Why do they keep doing this? Will it be possible to request a window seat if they do it last minute and the plane is...
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  • US Airways Flight 1241 hard landing & blown tires

    One of the passengers was TV pitchman Billy Mays who has subsequently died. Was his head injury related to his death that night?

    Runway closed due to debris and plane disabled at the end of it.
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  • The aftermath of the US/HP merger...

    Ok guys, over the past few days, I have been thinking alot about the current US Airways and wondering if the merger with America West a successful action overall. I understand that we cannot ever look back upon the past and get an accurate idea of "well, this is where they would have been had they not..." yet still I have to wonder - did the merger produce a better airline? Is the current airline stronger financially than both airlines could-have/would-have been? Can we say that, overall, the merger of both airlines produced a better product for the public? Did the merger add to the stability of the U.S. Aviation Industry? Had we allowed US to fail financially - would thing have been better? Understandably so, there have been numerous problem with the merger (most notably the distinctly long time that it took for both airlines to operate under the same operating certificate and the ongoing issues with the merging of the seniority lists) - but are those issues being r...
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