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  • "Vignetting not allowed" rejection

    Few weeks ago I uploaded a photo & got the rejection "vignetting not allowed". Honestly I searched what vignetting is because I didn't know & apparently it's like you're enlightening the subject more. In that case I accepted the rejection, took another picture of the same aircraft another day & I didn't mind at all about the rejected picture. Recently I had the same rejection again & honestly this time the picture didn't look like it had dark corners but when I scrolled in some of my pictures I saw pictures that yes they had their corners a bit darker than the centre. Is this a problem with a camera setting or maybe a problem in the body or lens. Both with an 18-55mm Canon lens & also with a 100-400 lens I got the rejection. Can someone help me pls? Thanks!...
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  • Vignetting not allowed

    Hello, I have got the rejection reason at the title for several times. The last one is this photo.

    I would like to know how can I avoid this. I don't know what really causes this rejection reason.

    Also what is wrong with this photo . Loss of details due to too much noise filter?
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