Hi everyone, I've been playing XPALNE12 for quite a long time. Recently, when I was flying the new ZIBO 737-800 mod, I found that there is a problem with its approach mode when using the APP on the MCP. When you click "VOR/LOC" or use "APP", the aircraft won't line up with the runway(almost in any airport, even when you have the right ILS landing frequency). At the same time, it will turn facing another direction even though there isn't any airport there. The turn is random. For example, when landing at ZSGZ/SZX RWY15/16, it will turn to the opposite direction facing 340. That makes the approach mode in the ZIBO mod and the 737MAX mod unusable. But all the AIRBUS mod seems to work fine.
I tried deleting any files that could have bugs but that just don't work.