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Thread: JAL GROUP International operation 50 years: FULL DETAILS

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    Default JAL GROUP International operation 50 years: FULL DETAILS

    50 Years of JAL GROUP International Flight Operations

    09DEC - First JAL International office opens in New York

    15DEC - 2nd JAL International office opens in Honolulu

    02FEB - First International Flight inagurated, Tokyo-Wake Island-Honolulu-San Francisco (JL604), with DC6B (JA6201; City of Tokyo). 2 weekly flight costs USD650 o/w

    JL604 Day 2 Tokyo2130-0800+1Wake Island0930+1-2040+1Honolulu0010+2-1130+2San Francisco
    JL602 Day 6 Tokyo2130-0800+1Wake Island0930+1-2040+1Honolulu0010+2-1130+2San Francisco

    JL601 Day 3 San Francisco1100-1850Honolulu2040-0330+1Wake Island0500+1-1010+1Tokyo
    JL603 Day 5 San Francisco1100-1850Honolulu2040-0330+1Wake Island0500+1-1010+1Tokyo

    05FEB - Okinawa flight (Okinawa was under US contol in 50s) inagurated

    01SEP - First office in SE Asia opens in Hong Kong
    06SEP - Chicago office opens

    04FEB - Inaguration to Hong Kong (3rd international city) with DC6B
    20MAY - Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) begins operation
    01NOV - Tokyo-Hong Kong becomes nonstop
    07DEC - First 2 Japanese pilots received certificates for international rotues

    28APR - Japan received its own control on international airspace once again
    13SEP - Fukuoka-Okinawa inagurated, opb DC-4
    17SEP - Opening of Bangkok office
    04OCT - Bangkok flight inagurated, opb DC-6B

    06SEP - Office in London opens
    23DEC - First DC-7, "City of San Francisco" delivered

    12FEB - First DC-7C flight to San Francisco
    08MAY - First flight to Singapore, opb DC-6B

    02MAY - First CARGO flight to San Francisco
    28MAY - Los Angeles flight inaguration, opb DC-7C
    12JUN - Office in Taipei opens
    27JUN - Seattle flight inaguration, opb DC-7C
    30JUL - First flight to Taipei, opb DC-6
    15AUG - Titles of fuselage change to english title

    01APR - Joint operation with Air France begins to Europe, opb B707, northbound flight
    12AUG - First DC-8 International service, operating to San Francisco
    15AUG - Rome office opens
    05SEP - Los Angeles upgrades to DC-8
    18OCT - Frankfurt office opens
    01NOV - Seattle upgrades to DC-8, all trans-pacific flight except CARGO are operated by Turbofan Jet
    02NOV - Hong Kong upgrades to DC-8

    First DC-8 is called "FUJI"

    01APR - Joint operation with Air France on southbound flights to Europe begins, opb B707
    06JUN - JAL begin to operate its own Northbound International flight to Europe, opb DC-8, joint-fare service with Air France

    01OCT - Convair-880 service to SE Asia begins. (Except Fukuoka-Okinawa, Osaka-Okinawa, Hong Kong flight via Taipei and Osaka)

    16JUL - Inaguration to Jakarta, with Convair 880
    04OCT - Southbound European flight inagurated, opb Convair 880

    03OCT - Southbound European flight opb DC-8 inagurates

    02APR - Special charter to New York inagurated for EXPO64 in New York
    15APR - Joint service with Korean Air to Seoul begins, opb Convair 880
    01JUL - International reservation computerized
    14AUG - Special flight, Athens-Okinawa, is flown for Olympics 1964 in Tokyo

    03SEP - Special JAL charter, Tokyo-Moscow, is flown

    01MAY - Northbound flight to Paris (via Copenhagen), opb JAL, begins
    02MAY - Northbound flight to London (via Hamburg), opb JAL, begins
    04MAY - Southbound flight to London (via New Delhi & Paris), begins
    30SEP - Ordered 3 Concorde

    02APR - Tokyo-Nagoya-Fukuoka-Taipei-Hong Kong inagurated, opb Convair880
    02APR - Amsterdam service inagurated, opb DC-8
    23AUG - Chinese hostess (from HK), begins on Hong Kong flight

    02NOV - First scheduled New York service (extension from SFO)inagurated, opb DC-8

    04DEC - Hostess are now called Stewards

    First New York service is operated by a DC-8-55, JA8015, called "Seto"

    06MAR - First JAL round-the-world flight (Westbound) is launched, departs from Tokyo

    07MAR - First JAL round-the-world flight (Eastbound) is launched, departs from Tokyo
    18APR - Joint-service with AEROFLOT to Moscow is launched
    (The only Soviet-built aircraft with JAL title)
    28APR - Ordered 3 B747
    08MAY - First service to Kuala Lumpur, opb DC8
    02SEP - Fukuoka-Busan is launched, opb DC-6B
    03SEP - Inaguration of Osaka-Seoul, opb Convair 880
    17OCT - DC-8F in service, first flight to San Francisco

    JAL's Round-the-World route on Westbound:
    Tokyo-Hong Kong-Bangkok-New Delhi-Tehran-Cairo-Rome-Frankfurt-Paris-London-New York-San Francisco-Honolulu-Tokyo

    01APR - Kuala Lumpur service extends to Singapore
    02APR - Osaka-New York service via Tokyo is launched, opb DC8
    16JUN - First non-stop Tokyo-San Francisco route operated, opb DC8-62, extends to New York
    26JUL - JAL's own Tokyo-Seoul service inagurated
    11SEP - Vancouver service inagurated, opb DC8

    01APR - DC-8-61 put into service on SE Asia flight
    01APR - First Fukuoka-Busan service, wet-leased YS-11
    02APR - Northbound European service via Frankfurt starts
    15JUL - JAL office in New York moved to 5th Ave

    30SEP - First flight to Sydney , opb DC8

    28MAR - JAL's own service to Paris via Moscow begins, opb DC8
    02JUN - Flights to London via Moscow is launched, opb DC8
    01JUL - First 747 Trans-Pacific flight to Honolulu

    01OCT - First flight to Guam, opb DC8

    JAL's 747 First Class service is decorated in Japanese style, reflecting JAL's title as the national carrier

    12FEB - JAL's 1st 747-200B delivered
    02APR - First Osaka-Busan service
    01JUN - First 747 service to Hong Kong and San Francisco
    02JUN - First passenger service to Khabarovsk, opb 727
    01SEP - First flight to Guam via Osaka is launched
    27SEP-14OCT Special European flight, carrying Emperor family

    The First B747 service was to Honolulu in 1970, followed by Hong Kong and San Francisco in 1971. First 747-200B to Hong Kong is registered JA8104

    01APR - First New York flight via Anchorage inagurated, opb DC-8-62
    01APR - First B747 flight on Tokyo-Guam
    03APR - Vancouver service extends to Mexico City
    03APR - Scheduled service to Copenhagen via Moscow
    03APR - Amsterdam northbound service via Paris is launched, opb 747
    03APR - Hamburg northbound service via Paris is launched
    15MAY - Okianwa service now classified as "Domestic" when US returned the territory
    03JUN - Fukuoka-Kagoshima-Hong Kong is launched
    25SEP - Special flight to China is flown, carrying the Prime Minister for resuming political ties between Communist China and Japan
    28OCT - Carried 2 pandas, named "KanKan" and "LanLan"

    31MAR - B747 Frankfurt northbound service launched
    02APR - B747 London northbound service launched
    01JUL - Tokyo-Seoul upgrades to 747

    On 21JUL, JL404 (B747, JA8109) was hijacked shortly after it took-off from Amsterdam. Plane was blown-up in Benghazi (Libya) on 24JUL

    01APR - Rome service, via Moscow, is launched. Opb DC-8-62
    01APR - All Northbound European service is operated by B747
    05APR - Frankfurt via Moscow service is opened, opb DC-8-62
    21APR - Taiwanese (Republic of China) authority halted all flights between Taiwan and Japan, as a result of resumption of political ties between Japan and Communist China (People's Republic of China). JL704 was the last flight to leave Taipei
    29SEP - First scheduled service to Communist China, Tokyo-Osaka-Beijing, opb DC-8-62 (JA8032)
    01OCT - First B747F service is flown on Tokyo-San Francisco-New York. B747F carries 100t of Cargo, comparing to 35-40t of a DC-8 can carry

    31OCT - Japan's First Jet Aircraft, JA8001, retired

    02APR - Tokyo-Sydney becomes non-stop, opb DC-8-62
    02APR - First 747 service to Vancouver
    03APR - Tokyo-Osaka-Manila extends to Bangkok
    01JUN - Tokyo-San Francisco becomes non-stop, opb 747
    01JUL - Tokyo-Los Angeles becomes non-stop, opb 747
    01JUL - First 747 service on Southbound Europe flight
    09AUG - establishment of Japan Asia Airways (JAA)
    15SEP - Japan-Taiwan flight resumed, Tokyo-Taipei opb JAA DC-8-50, 12 weekly flights

    DEC - JAA receives 1 DC-8-61, Tokyo-Taipei increase to 13 weekly

    JAN - JAA Tokyo-Kaohsiung Freighter Charter launched
    JAN - JAA Nagoya-Taipei charter launched
    FEB - Inaguration of 14 Taiwanese flight attendants on JAA
    FEB - JAA Fukuoka-Taipei, Kagoshima-Taipei charter launched
    26JUL - JAA begins Osaka-Taipei-Manila, Taipei-Hong Kong
    JUL - JAA's 2 DC-8-50 and 2-DC8-61 in the fleet, Tokyo-Taipei increase to double daily
    01SEP - First Fukuoka-Seoul flight, opb DC-8-61

    JAA flies 4x weekly Osaka-Taipei, Daily Osaka-Taipei-Hong Kong, 2x weekly Tokyo-Osaka-Taipei-Manila

    01APR - First DC10 service to New York, via Anchorage
    01APR - Tokyo-Singapore becomes non-stop, opb Dc-8-61
    02APR - Tokyo-Hong Kong-Bangkok-Singapore launched, opb DC10
    15AUG - JAL break a new record, carried the most international passengers in a day, 11030 pax
    SEP - JAA staff gets new uniform
    01OCT - Tokyo-Guam via Saipan launched with DC-8
    01OCT - First Nagoya-Seoul service, opb DC8

    JAL faced a tough competition as PanAm launched non-stop Tokyo-New York flight with 747SP, while JAL still provides 1-stop service with a smaller DC10

    10JAN - B747F service on Tokyo-Hong Kong
    10JAN - Joint B747F service with Lufthansa on Tokyo-Hamburg-Frankfurt
    01APR - Osaka-Tokyo-Honolulu is launched, opb DC8/747
    21MAY - First plane to arrive New Tokyo International Airport (Narita)
    22MAY - First plane to depart New Tokyo International Airport (Narita)
    07JUN - Carried 100th million pax, together with Domestic flight
    20JUN - Service to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro launched, via Los Angeles, opb DC-8-62
    01AUG - SkySleeper Service on TransPacific flight introduced
    01OCT - SkySleeper Service on Northbound European flight introduced
    02NOV - Osaka-Honolulu becomes non-stop, opb 747

    JAN - Taiwan's restriction on foreign travel is lifted, JAA launch Sapporo-Taipei charter
    FEB - Taipei opens new CKS International Airport
    APR - JAA's Tokyo-Taipei double daily servie all opb DC-8-61, and opens "Pearl Lounge" in Taipei
    01APR - Tokyo-Copenhagen-Zurich launched, opb 747
    02APR - Tokyo-Kagoshima-Hong Kong is launched, opb DC-8-61
    JUN - JAA Kumamoto and Komatsu to Taipei charter launched
    02JUL - Tokyo-Busan opened, opb DC-8-62
    AUG - JAA unveiled company's theme song
    11AUG - Carried 14792 pax internationally in a day, another record for JAL
    01SEP - B747F service to Los Angeles and Singapore
    11SEP - Tokyo-Nagasaki-Shanghai is launched, opb Dc-8-62
    26SEP - First Kumamoto-Seoul service with DC8
    OCT - JAA opens its own check-in counter at NARITA, instead of sharing with JAL
    05OCT - DC10 on international flight equipped with Skylink Liner service
    NOV - JAA launch ITC on Nagoya-Taipei
    NOV - JAA launch 2x weekly Okinawa-Taipei with DC-8-61
    12DEC - Niigata-Komatsu-Seoul is launched, opb 727

    JAN - JAA phase in DC-8-62AF from JAL, launch Tokyo-Taipei weekly Cargo flight
    01JAN - First DC10 Osaka-Busan flight
    FEB - JAA bought 3 DC-8-61 from JAL
    14FEB - introduction of B747SR, carrying 550pax, largest number of seats on a 747 at that time
    07MAR - First DC10 Tokyo-Beijing service
    03JUL - Fukuoka-Busan-Seoul introduced with Dc-8-61
    04JUL - Tokyo-Nadi-Auckland introduced with Dc-8-62
    08JUL - First Tokyo-Copenhagen-Madrid with B747
    08JUL - Approval of equipping Skylink Liner on 747
    12JUL - 109.5t of CARGO carried on a B747F (Tokyo-New York)
    AUG - JAA Tokyo-Taipei Cargo flight increase to 2x weekly
    01SEP - 3-class configuration introduced on Trans-Pacific, Europe (North-bound), Sydney, Auckland, Moscow flight
    12OCT - carried 16275 pax in a day internationally
    01NOV - Nagoya-Fukuoka or Kagoshima or Okinawa-Hong Kong-Singapore service launched, opb DC-8-61
    DEC - New JAA uniform introduced again
    25DEC - JAA operates first DC10 service on Tokyo-Taipei, Osaka-Taipei (2 DC10 flying daily on both routes)
    25DEC - Osaka-Manila via Taipei suspended

    JAA gets 2nd new uniform in 3 years

    FEB - JAA launch Hakodate-Taipei charter
    26FEB - Special charter flown for Italian Royal Family, Nagasaki-Anchorage-Rome
    27FEB-07MAR - Special charter flown for Japan's Emperor Family, to Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand
    23MAR - Sapporo-Narita-Honolulu is launched, opb Dc-8-62/747
    APR - JAA's DC10 enters service on Okinawa-Taipei
    APR - JAA carried 1,000,000 pax on Tokyo-Taipei
    01APR - First Osaka-Narita-Los Angeles service, opb 747
    04MAY-10MAY - Special US charter for Prime Minister
    06JUN - First Fukuoka-Narita-Honolulus ervice, opb DC-8-61/747
    09JUN-21JUN - Special Europe charter for Prime Minister
    03JUL - First 747 service to Sydney
    15JUL - JAA inagurates Kaohsiung service, extension from Tokyo-Taipei
    15JUL - JAA introduce Osaka-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong with DC-8-61, 2 weekly
    18JUL-25JUL - Special flight to Ottawa for Prime Minister
    26JUL-02AUG - Special charter carrying Emperor family for the UK's Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana
    DEC - JAA drop Tokyo-Manila via Taipei

    JAN - JAA Adjustments on Kaohsiung flights:

    Hong Kong-Kaohsiung-Osaka

    09FEB - JL350 hijacked, crash-landing at sea, just few meters off the runway of Haneda

    APR - JAA Adjustments on Hong Kong flights:

    Osaka-Taipei-Hong Kong 5x weekly DC-8-61
    Osaka-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Kaohsiung-Taipei-Osaka 2x weekly DC-8-61

    01APR - B747 service on Europe flight that stops at Moscow for refuelling
    JUL - JAA Okianwa-Taipei increase to 4 weekly
    19JUL - JAL ranked #3 airline worldwide in terms of # of pax carried, and #1 for CARGO
    09NOV - "FeiFei" the Panda, transported from Beijing
    12DEC - JAA operates first 747-100 service to Taiwan, Daily Tokyo-Taipei, Daily Osaka-Taipei
    24DEC - DC10 service on Southbound Europe flight

    11JAN - Special charter to Korea for Prime Minister
    17JAN - Special charter to US for Prime Minister
    FEB - JAA bought 2 B747-100 from JAL
    01FEB - Introduction of "Super Executive J Class" on 747 international
    10MAR - Special charter to Europe and Africa for Emperor Family
    01APR - Inaguration of Seattle and Chicago flight
    30APR - Special charter for Prime Minister to ASEAN countries
    29SEP - Approval of B767-200/-300 order
    14NOV - Introduction of new "JAL Executive Class"
    30NOV - Delivery of 1st B747-300SUD
    15DEC - First B747-300SUD TransPacific flight

    *For the first time, JAL operates DC-10 as special charter for Prime Minister (to ASEAN countries) instead of 747
    *JAL Mileage Bank USA introduced

    02FEB - 30th aniversary of international flight
    25FEB - Special charter to Africa for Emperor Family
    23MAR - Special charter to Communist China for Prime Minister
    04APR - First DC-8F CARGO service between Japan and Communist China
    30APR - Special charter (DC10) to SW Asia for Prime Minister
    18JUN - Ranked #1 worldwide in terms of # of pax carried
    JUL - JAA launch Oita-Taipei charter
    31AUG - DC-8F retires from Trans-Pacific flight
    NOV - JAA launch Akita-Taipei charter
    NOV - JAA introduce Executive Business Class
    17DEC - Tokyo-Los Angeles-Rio de Janeireo upgrades to 747
    22DEC - Special charter flight to Ethiopia for towels donation

    01JAN-05JAN - Special charter to US for PM
    04FEB - Delivery of 50th 747, Washington state and Seattle declared this day as "Japan Air Lines Day"
    23FEB-09MAR - Special charter to Europe for Emperor Family
    APR - JAA adds 4 extra flights on Tokyo-Taipei with Dc-8-61, leased from JAL
    02APR - B747F service to Seoul
    29APR - Special charter for PM
    03JUN - Tokyo-Dusseldorf service launched
    22JUN - New York flight becomes non-stop, configured in Business Premium configuration
    03JUL - Ranked #1 for the 2nd year in a row for the most pax carried
    12AUG - JL123 crash, 520 killed, 4 survived
    17AUG - 1st 767, JA8232, delivered
    19OCT-26OCT - Special charter to US for PM's UN Summit

    JAL is 8 years behind PanAm to launch the non-stop flight to New York

    JAN - JAA Nagoya-Taipei operation 10 years
    FEB - JAA opens its hotel operation in Kenting, southern tip of Taiwan
    02APR - Chicago and London becomes non-stop
    05APR - Paris becomes non-stop
    JUL - JAA Osaka operation 10 years
    JUL - JAA Nagasaki-Taipei charter launched
    02JUL - Atlanta service inagurated
    SEP - JAA's 1st 747F Tokyo-Taipei Cargo flight
    24SEP - Retirement of DC-8F on scheduled flight
    DEC - JAA puts DC10-40 on Kaohsiung-Hong Kong

    06JUN - Special charter to Venice for PM
    JUL - JAA gets new uniform
    18NOV - JAL privatised bill passed
    29DEC - Final B727 international flight, Guam-Kumamoto charter
    31DEC - Last passenger flight of JAL DC-8 (Busan-Narita; JL95. Plane in service since 1960

    01JAN - New uniform introduced

    14JAN - 113 foreign stewardess introduced

    01APR - JAL lease plane and crew from JAA on Hong Kong-Bangkok
    01APR - Frankfurt becomes non-stop
    03APR - Nagoya-Singapore inaguration
    03APR - JAL's own Brisbane service launched
    16JUN - 26JUN - Special charter to Toronto for PM
    21AUG - NEw record, carried 29998 pax internationally in a day
    31OCT - Code-share with Thai on Nagoya-Bangkok begins
    01NOV - JAA introduce B747-300 service (JA8189)

    31JAN - 07FEB - Special charter to US for PM
    01MAY - Code-share service with Canadian on Tokyo-Toronto begins
    29MAY - JAL unveils 1st aircraft with new livery
    JUN - JAA unveils new livery
    JUL - JAA Nagoya-Taipei unscheduled charter launched
    01JUL - Code-share service with Qantas on Tokyo-Adelaide-Melbourne-Tokyo begins
    12JUL - Code-share service with Swissair on Tokyo-Zurich begins
    12JUL - 18JUL - Special charter for PM
    30AUG - 10SEP - Special charter to US/Canada/Mexico for PM
    30OCT - Code-share service with Qantas on Fukuoka-Brisbane-Sydney begins
    NOV - JAA Okinawa-Taipei 10 year anniversary
    03NOV - Nagoya-Guam/Saippan begins
    18NOV - Code-share service with IBERIA covers Tokyo-Madrid
    28NOV - Code-share service with Air New Zealand on Tokyo-Christchurch-Auckland

    1989 could be the year with the most code-share flight launched

    04JAN - Joint-service with Air France on Tokyo-Papeete
    FEB - JAA reached 50,000 flights mark since first take-off
    14FEB - First 744, JA8071 arrives Narita
    01APR - B747-400 service on Tokyo-Seoul
    01APR - Introduction of new "Executive Class". PTV installed on 744 First and Business Class
    JUN - JAA's 747, JA8103, unveils new livery
    JUN - B747-400 service on Tokyo-Singapore
    JUL - JAA Nagoya-Taipei increased to 4x weekly
    06JUL-15JUL - Special charter for PM
    20JUL - Code-share flight with IBERIA, opb IB, on Tokyo-Moscow-Madrid begins
    AUG - B747-400 service on Tokyo-New York
    19SEP - Special charter to transport Kuwaiti refugees as Iraq invades Kuwait

    05OCT - Japan Air Charter (JAZ), established

    02NOV - Tokyo-Moscow-Amsterdam launched
    DEC - JAA Takamatsu-Taipei charter inagurated
    09/12DEC - 2 Special flights operated to transport Japanese residents in Iraq

    28JAN - War in Iraq, JAL operates 2 special flight from Cairo, another 2 operated on 30JAN, to transport Japanese residence
    APR - JAA unveils new uniform
    01JUL - JAA's 10 year anniversary on Kaoshiung service, as well as Kaohsiung-Hong Kong. 15th anniversary for Osaka-Taipei-Hong Kong
    01JUL - First JAZ flight, Fukuoka-Honolulu launched with DC10 charter
    28OCT - Approval of ordering 20 B777 (10 firm)
    30OCT - Last Northbound European service, JL437 to Paris

    03NOV - First Tokyo-Berlin, B747 service
    25NOV - Onboard telephone service introduced with KDD
    01DEC - JAA launch 4 weekly DC10-40 service on Nagoya-Saipan-Guam-Nagoya

    *JAL's Northbound European service introduced since JUN1961. All northbound flights mentioned here all required technical stop in Anchorage
    *JAA once again introduced new uniform in 4 years time

    21MAR-25SEP - Emergency supplies includes 28t of Milk transported to Russian-Far East. Plane arrives Khabarovsk
    23MAR - Osaka-Cairns-Sydney launched with 747
    01APR - JAA introduce its own Japanese flight attendants
    01APR - Code-share with Qantas on Tokyo-Brisbane-Sydney begins. Qantas supplies aircraft and pilots, JAL provides cabin attendants
    13APR-16APR - Special charter to North Korea for the first time
    MAY - JAA launch Aomori-Taipei charter
    18MAY - Last JAL's 1st B747 flight (JA8101) operates honolulu-Tokyo
    01JUN - Executive Class service provides instant noodles on long-haul flights
    19JUL/10AUG - Special charter carrying Japanese team to Barcelona Olympics
    01OCT - JAL BIG Express introduced to London and New York
    25OCT - Code-share flight with Alitalia on Tokyo-Milan-Rome begins, opb 747
    25OCT - Tokyo-Munich with 747 introduced

    Until 1992, JAA's Japanese flight attendants comes from JAL. Since 1992, JAA hires its own flight attendants in Japan.

    JAN - JAA launch Sendai-Taipei charter
    FEB - JAA launch Matsuyama-Taipei charter
    02APR - JAL's own Tokyo-Milan-Rome begins
    15APR - 4 Routes, including New York, equipped with First Aid supplies
    MAY - JAA launch Okayama-Taipei charter
    29NOV - 1st MD-11, known as J-Bird, delivered

    "JAL Sky Plus", original name of JAL Mileage Bank, introduced

    JAN - 5-day stay, visa-free service in Taiwan provided for Japanese
    FEB - JAA launch Ohibiro-Taipei charter
    25FEB - Sky Massage Seat introduced on First Class for New York/London flight
    25MAR - Official announcement of MD-11 as "J-Bird" Fleet
    01APR - Tokyo-Jakarta-Denpasar opens with B747
    01APR - "GOKU" Fare introduced
    01APR - New York flight introduced with 50" seat pitch of Super Executive Class Seats
    28APR - 7 734 ordered for Domestic flight
    31MAY - 1st 734 delivered
    04JUN - JAZ begins scheduled Tokyo-Honolulu, as wet-leased from JAL
    04JUN - Super Resort Express introduced on Honolulu flight
    01AUG - Ground handling for PM's own 747
    01SEP - JAA unveils upgraded "Executive Class" seats
    04SEP - Osaka Kansai Airport opens, new service from Osaka to London, Los Angeles, Brisbane with 747s
    07SEP - Kansai-Paris launched with 747
    SEP - JAA launch Kansai-Denpasar-Jakarta-Osaka with DC10-40
    01OCT - Super Resort Express expands to Guam/Saipan
    09NOV - Sendai-Honolulu introduced with DC10

    01JAN - Japanese tourists gets 14-day stay, visa-free service in Taiwan
    01JAN - FFP ties with American Airlines
    17JAN - Osaka/Kobe/Kansai Region M7.2 Earthquake killed 6000+. JAL transport emergency supplies for free to the region
    01APR - Super Resort Express expands to Australia
    01JUN - FFP ties with Air France announced
    01JUL - JAA's JA8128 gets new livery
    JUL - JAA introduce upgraded "Executive Class" service on Okinawa-Taipei
    AUG - JAA 20th anniversary, flew 242000hrs, carried 17.7passengers
    NOV - JAA unveils first special livery on JA8128, called "Naluwan"
    NOV - JAA dropped Nagoya-Saipan-Guam-Nagoya
    DEC - JAA closed Hong Kong office, HK area handled by JAL
    06DEC - Super Logistic changed its name to JAL CARGO

    First airline in Japan to launch internet websitein June

    26APR - First 777-200 service introduced
    JUL - JAA celebrates 20th anniversary on Osaka-Taipei
    JUL - Japanese Government approved JAL/JAA/JTA sharing aircrafts on some routes
    JUL - JAA launch Hiroshima-Taipei charter
    SEP - JAA launch Ishigaki-Taipei charter
    02SEP - Expansion of cooperation with Qantas announced
    04SEP - New uniform unveiled
    OCT - JAL Sky Plus becomes JAL Mileage Bank
    01OCT - Stewardess are now called flight Attendants
    NOV - JAA increase flights to Indonesia to daily, progressively
    03NOV - Kansai-Milan-Rome launched with 747
    05NOV - first Class' JAL Sky Sleeper introduced on JL006 to New York
    01DEC - JAL Executive Class "Seasons" begins

    JAN - JAA launch Tottori-Taipei and Miyako-Taipei charter
    16JAN - Online booking expands to International flight
    29JAN-28FEB - Free flights provided between Tokyo and Komatsu due to oil spill
    FEB - JAA launch Okinawa-Kaohsiung charter
    APR - JAA receives 1st 767, direct delivery from Boeing, flying Okinawa-Taipei
    23APR-28APR - Special charter Tokyo-Lima during the Japan Embassy in Lima's hostage crisis
    MAY - JAA launch Izumo-Taipei charter
    JUN - JAA launch Miyazaki-Taipei, Kochi-Taipei charter
    27AUG - Signed the deal to sell 20 DC10s between 1997 and 2005. DC10 replaced by 777
    AUG - Last DC-10 flight flying for JAA
    05SEP - Becomes official carrier of 1998 Nagano Olympics
    18OCT - FFP ties with Canadian Airlines
    26OCT - Kansai-Ho Chi Minh launched, plus code-share with Vietnam Airlines
    02NOV - Kansai-Dalian launched with 767
    17DEC - JL5417, Tokyo-Athens-Frankfurt, carries the olympic torch

    JAN - JAA expands Nagoya-Taipei service to daily
    FEB - JAA launch Niigata-Taipei charter
    25FEB - Reached code-share deal with AA, which will sees AA/JL code on more than 100 routes
    02APR - Hiroshima-Honolulu launched with DC10
    03APR - Nagoya-London launched with MD11
    04APR - Tokyo-Shanghai cargo flight with 747F launched
    20APR - Osaka-Tianjin, Nagoya-Tianjin launched with 767
    18MAY - Indonesia Crisis, 10 charter flights operated to transport Japanese out of Jakarta
    01JUL - Tokyo-Dalian launched with 767
    04JUL - Tokyo-Qingdao with 767 launched
    07JUL - Expansion with Swissair on commercial cooperation
    OCT - JAA introduce new uniform
    OCT - JAA flies the last JA8128 flight in "Naluwan" livery
    02OCT - First flight to Las Vegas with 747
    15OCT - Code-share deal with Cathay Pacific signed
    NOV - JAA becoems the first Japanese carrier to ban inflight smoking
    19NOV - JAL received 100th 747, including 1 direct delivery to JAA

    19DEC - Niigata-Honolulu launched with DC10

    13JAN - Code-share deal with British Airways signed
    MAR - JAA launch Yamagata-Taipei charter
    15MAR - New service to Dallas with 744
    01APR - JAA's Indonesian operation handover to JAL
    01APR - Non-smoking on all international flights
    01APR - Code-share deal with Cathay Pacific on Nagoya-Hong Kong and Osaka-Hong Kong begins
    10MAY - JAL starts code-sharing with American Airlines
    OCT - New York, London, Los Angeles' Executive Class seats upgraded
    01OCT - JAZ becomes JALWays
    22OCT - Orders CRJ200
    15DEC - Introduction of "MAGIC", inflight entertainment network for all classes, 18 music channels, 17 movies channels, and 7 games installed on JA8050, B747-400 (MAGIC-II)

    *In 1990s, JAL signed code-share deal with KLM on AMS-ZRH, AMS-MAD, AMS-BCN
    *Since mid-1990s, JAL has been code-sharing with Turkish Airlines on Tokyo-Istanbul, Osaka-Istanbul
    *Between 1997 and 1999, JAL code-shares with South African Airways' Johannesburg-Bangkok-Osaka
    *Until 1999, JAL code-shares with Air France on Osaka-Paris, Nagoya-Paris, as well as Paris-Istanbul; Paris-Istanbul dropped, but JAL instead code-sharing on AF flight to Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Stockholm since 1999/2000
    *Code-share with Swissair expands, covering Japan-Zurich, Zurich-Geneva, Zurich-Vienna until OCT 2001 when Swissair collapsed and shut down its operation
    *Code-share with Canadian Airlines expands between 1999 and 2001 on Vancouver-Tokyo, until Air Canada bought Canadian

    17APR - E-Ticket introduced on international flight
    01AUG - Charter to Quebec
    02NOV - Tokyo-Ho Chi Minh launched, with 767

    31JAN - 2 JAL Aircraft (JL907 & 95 nearly collided over Okinawa air space, injured 42
    MAR - Last JAL Hong Kong-Bangkok flight, wet-least aircraft and crew from JAA ends
    08MAR - FFP deal reached with Dragonair
    14FEB - First Class' "Sky Sleeper Solo", introduced on New York flight

    JUL - JAA 20th anniversary for Kaohsiung operation
    11SEP - Terrorist Attack in New York and Washington forcing JAL to reduce flights
    01NOV - JAL expands code-share deal with Air France on Paris-Dusseldorf, Paris-Hamburg
    12NOV - JAL and JAS agreed to merge

    22MAR - JAL Mileage Bank recorded 10th million member
    01JUN - First 763ER on Tokyo-Seoul flight (JA601J)
    02JUN - Tokyo-Xiamen launched with 767
    01JUL - JAA introduce Executive Class "Seasons"
    25JUL - Executive Class "Seasons" introduced with "Shell Flat Seat" on Tokyo-London

    01AUG - First 777-200ER flight internationally on Tokyo-Beijing (JA701J)

    01SEP - Code-share with China Eastern begins
    18SEP - New Logo unveiled

    18SEP - Nagoya-Shanghai launched, opb 767
    18SEP - Tokyo-Hanoi launched, opb 767
    18SEP - JAL CARGO joins "WOW Alliance", includes Lufthansa Cargo, SAS Cargo, and Singapore Airlines CARGO
    26SEP - Decisions to replace 747-100SR with 777-300, 747-200F replaced with 747-400F approved
    01OCT - Code-share and FFP ties with Emirates begins
    14NOV - New Aircraft livery unveiled, featuring "The Arc of the Sun"

    01FEB - CARGO Code-share with China Cargo Airlines gegins
    MAY - SARS hits Asia, JAA forced to reduce flights
    12NOV - Signed deal with Boeing to install onboard internet

    19JAN - Signed code-share deal with Air Tahiti Nui, to start on 30APR
    02FEB - JAL's 50th anniversary of international flight
    18FEB - Code-share with British Airways begins on London-Stuttgart/Hamburg
    31MAR - Last JAS International flight (Tokyo-Shanghai)
    01APR - JAL's international operation becomes "JAL International", while domesitc operation merged with JAS under "JAL Japan"

    *In 2001/2002, JAL signed code-share agreement with Alitalia, covering Japan-Italy flight
    *In 2000/2001, JAL and IBERIA resumed their code-share deal after few years of hiatus, covering AMS-MAD/BEN/NRT

    Pictures from JAL Website.

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    Very nice, excellent reading coming with approportionate illustration.
    Thanks for this good work Jim

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    Great reading!!
    YBBN - James

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    Default JAL International operation 50 years: FULL DETAILS

    Interesting read, indeed. Also nice to remember that Hamburg and Berlin actually had service to Asia .


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    And wheres the middle east, Africa and Pakistan, Karachi-Abu Dhabi-Kuwait-Jeddah-Cairo was a single route served from Tokyo via Bangkok possibly Delhi using the DC-10 right upto 1989-90, in the 70's they flew also to Beirut there were some other places that I cant recall, also India, why had New Delhi not been mentioned as a specific new route rather than a stopover?

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    Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, UAE, Delhi were all retained when the Round-the-world and Southbound European flight ended.

    They all served up to the late 80s/early 90s, except Delhi.

    Quote Originally Posted by LUNN
    And wheres the middle east, Africa and Pakistan, Karachi-Abu Dhabi-Kuwait-Jeddah-Cairo was a single route served from Tokyo via Bangkok possibly Delhi using the DC-10 right upto 1989-90, in the 70's they flew also to Beirut there were some other places that I cant recall, also India, why had New Delhi not been mentioned as a specific new route rather than a stopover?
    And I believe JAL has the 5th freedom rights for all-routes they used to operate on every sector for Southbound EU flight, which includes the "so-called stop-over" in Delhi. As a result, Delhi is not mentioned as a single route.

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    Amazing report.

    Good research job.

    I think that you have a good enough reason to do all this job.

    Anyway, fantastic!
    Sowing the seeds of love
    Roland Orzabal and Chris Hughes

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    Interesting history

    Wouldn't like to guess how long it took you to type it all though

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    Just updated the entire timeline, now including Japan Asia Airways entry.

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