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Thread: No more Air Luxor - Introducing Hi Fly

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    Default No more Air Luxor - Introducing Hi Fly

    LISBON, Portugal (AFP) Portuguese airline Air Luxor will spend $2.4 million to change its name to Hi Fly by 2006 before it increases the size of its fleet the following year, the carrier's president said Tuesday.

    The name change, which will begin this year and is expected to take a year, will refresh the brand and distinguish the airline from two other airlines operating in Europe with a similar name, Paulo Mirpuri told a news conference.

    It will also prepare the airline for a planned service expansion in May 2007 that will involve an increase in the carrier's fleet, he added.

    "We felt this was the right time to do it," Mirpuri said.

    The Lisbon-based airline, founded in 1988, expects to transport 1.2 million people in 2006 and post sales of 200 million euros.

    It currently has a fleet of nine Airbus planes that offer regular flights from Portugal to major European capitals and to two former Portuguese colonies in Africa, Guinea-Bissau and Sao Tome.

    Can't wait to see the new c/s. I wonder what they will order?
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    Oh man..So what do they have in mind, regarding the font and colours, I will definitely miss the big @$$ font AIR LUXOR on its fuselage. Hi fly is I think just one of another misc naming ..Dont you think ??

    Here's the one I will miss.
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    They look to avoid any confusion from Luxair and more especially from Cairo based Luxor Air

    Due to their history, the latter is seen as the main source of headaches

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    Good, I always associated the name Luxor with Egypt, not that I have anything against that country or the city of Luxor but it was a confusing identity, so will a new livery be coming too or just a name change.

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