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I remember when my nephew got acces to my models (no locks on it) he got the Simpsons 737 from Gemini (I thought this one was special) So i put it at the back, but this one caught his eyes, I showed it to him, but he dropped it, now it has a bent wing, useless anywy so I just gave it to him ! I didnt wanted it in my fleet, so...

Anyway how did you do the wheel-skidmarks on your runways on the images ???
I have 2 broken Herpa Simpson's 733s, one 1:400 and one 1:500, both fell off a table.

Those runways are part of the Gemini Jets airport mats. They're huge! I have no place to put them in my house, so I just have one set up on a table with a herpa terminal. And the set is only half done I have heard!