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Thread: Your Current FS Flight

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    As I've announced in the #.. 497 here, I now sit at FACT with Randazzo's Finest (my LH-B744).

    But the signs have changed a little bit since the last day in 2017. Somebody declared my avatar a museum. So then. Why not use a real ancient a/c type, a type which does no longer exist in the USA.

    The NorthWest Boeing 747-400 in Bowling Shoe livery. I'll fly the LH return flight from FACT to Rhein/Main, and then it is Minneapolis/St Paul time, as I announced.
    In February, a 'Bowling shoe' should look like that. Originally I was lookin for a Bowling Shoe B744 with snow. But this not bad, for the beginning, without purple lights:
    NW-B744 with snow.

    Hm. We have NW-B742 Bowling Shoes with snow. And NW-B744 with "NW bronze" in snow. But NW-B744 Bowling shoes with snow? Probably we can take this Bowling Shoe and imagine it were February and snow:
    NW-B744 bowling shoe in January. With snow?
    What a nice and clear winter day. Congrats for this B744 jetphoto!

    Btw, Did they use purple lights at KMSP during the SuperBowl? I'd have understood that..

    PS: And I "know" at least two more jetphoto "seniors", who also understand that. Sad eyes behind sunglasses.
    Last edited by LH-B744; 02-15-2018 at 10:18 AM. Reason: Purple lights now. In memoriam. Jetphotos are rediscovered.
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    A historic success in 'Nordic combined', after 1976. You're the inspiration.
    And Gold for the 4 men sleigh!
    - Pyeongchang, South Korea, in February 2018.

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