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Thread: Behind the scenes: Mails and messages we get

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    Default Behind the scenes: Mails and messages we get

    Dear aviation photographer community

    After having had a few ... shall I say .... weird appeal messages and mails, I thought, I share this with you.

    Let's say, you upload a photo of a contrail shot and select the category "special scheme" for an aircraft which doesn't have anything at all special and we also find a lack of contrast. We reject for "categories" and "contrast". Then of course you can appeal saying for example "the aircraft is really showing a special scheme and the contrast seems fine to me." OK, fine, we will look to find out the truth.

    BUT, if you write such a comment as the following one we got yesterday, be sure, that we will not even dare to open the large photo (sorry for the spelling mistakes, I just copied it....).
    Please, go to Restaurant and sell Hamburger or any other but dont screen Fotos! Have you a rare eye infection? This Contrast ist absult normal! And what categories did you miss now?
    Rather than really looking at the appeal, you will get a reply like ...
    Do you want fries with that burger?
    A rejection for dust spots? no problem, appeal if you think there aren't any dust spots, but don't write ....
    Hey, please clean your screen before you see dustspots! Are the screeners today at a party? dunken? sorry i close my account, jetphotos is the next joke... go back to mamas breast.
    Of course, we take it literally and close the account. No problems, we try to help whenever we can. You think it was a mistake? OK, mistakes can happen! Send us a mail saying that we made a mistake and we will try to help again. Of course, this mail didn't help ....
    Hey (..),

    are you stupid? why you remove my pics?

    here a litte peace for you!

    The two Contrails wasn't rejected! everytime i set the same categorie and
    now it is noch correct? Your screeners are very goog, give the milkbootles
    from mama back. Before i forgot it! the first pic i nothing precessed! only
    10% sharpness made! Al littlebit drunken the screener yesterday. Give
    the Milk back and anything will be good!
    ... it just left us wondering about his obsession with milk and his mothers breasts.

    You think that can't be true? Well, it was all from the same photog .... who now is banned and doesn't have any photos anymore here. But somehow, I will miss his appeals and mails ... he was funnny to deal with

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