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Thread: Qantas mid-air decompression

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    Default this video removed

    Quote Originally Posted by laroche spotters View Post
    there's a video of the incident from the inside of the plane. Here is the link
    this video has been removed owing to third party copyright claims

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    at 1,600 metres


    Quote Originally Posted by palle7688 View Post
    ATSB realeased a preliminary factual report stating that "one passenger oxygen cylinder (number-4 from a bank of seven cylinders along the right side of the cargo hold) had sustained a sudden failure and forceful discharge of its pressurised contents into the aircraft hold, rupturing the fuselage in the vicinity of the wing-fuselage leading edge fairing. The cylinder had been propelled upward by the force of the discharge, puncturing the cabin floor and entering the cabin adjacent to the second main cabin door. The cylinder had subsequently impacted the door frame, door handle and overhead panelling, before falling to the cabin floor and exiting the aircraft through the ruptured fuselage.".

    See full report here:

    From today's AIAA newsletter:

    Report Finds July 2008 Explosion Of Oxygen Bottle Was "Unique Event."

    The Wall Street Journal (11/22, subscription required) reports on the final report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau on an investigation into an explosion of an oxygen bottle on a Qantas Boeing 747 in July 2008. The report concluded that such an incident is unlikely to be repeated, but was unable to find the exact cause, given that the bottle fell into the ocean, having blown a whole in the side of the plane. ATSB chief commissioner Martin Dolan said that tests were unable to find a design or manufacturing problem with the oxygen bottle, concluding, "it was clear that this occurrence was a unique event."

    Yes - a unique event to date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highkeas View Post
    ...given that the bottle fell into the ocean, having blown a whole in the side of the plane.
    Luckily it has blown a whole and not a hole...

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