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Thread: Aviation art of a more fuzzy variety

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    Default Aviation art of a more fuzzy variety

    Figured I might as well make a thread of my own for this stuff and that I'd try to avoid posting anything that's already been seen.

    Bit of a request for a friend who wanted my character Dex in the captain's seat on an MD-11 on approach with the view from over her shoulder.

    Speed painting, MD-11 rolling to the left.

    A commission for a bit of an ecclectic guy who wanted an absolutely absurd scene depicting his character[to the right] and one of mine.

    'still life' of some throttles and Dex's hand resting overtop.

    MD-11 at 3/4's. It's a blank template I made by request, free to be colored in by anyone who wants to.

    Another speed painting, this time a S-76A to break things up a little.

    CV-580 at sunrise.

    Quick sketch of an MD-11 climbing into the atmosphere.

    A request for a close friend who loves to design planes so I can inadvertently make them look like F-18s whenever I attempt to draw them.

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    These are amazing!!! Amusing some of them are haha.

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    Have to say, I have tremendous admiration for your work. The most significant thing that always jumps out of the screen at me is your striking ability to so sensitively communicate emotion and feel; it's the sign of a great artist, be it painting, photography or music, and it's something you do astoundingly well. Your creations aren't always viewed to me, they're usually felt, and you have a wonderful gift to be able to do that.

    Thanks for sharing these.
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    Very nice work !! Feel free to post more like these !!

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