what about creating a thread about the repaint status of the AA-American livery? I assume that this will take a longer time (hopefully not like UA, who still had battleship-grey when starting the UA-CO-mixed-livery)

also, which planes will definitely NOT get the new livery? MD80s? (this fleet is now smaller than the 737-fleet, which is growing and growing, and the first AA A319 is in production)

so, for the start: (I hope these short letter-codes will help this thread to remain easily understandable for everyone....

repainted from AA to A = aaA
delivered as A (new livery) = A
delivered as transitory-basic-paint = tA

N908NN --> aaA 17.01.2013 *used for presentation
N717AN --> tA 17.01.2013 *used for presentation

thank you all