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Thread: SIMSHED Nimrod manual

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    Unhappy SIMSHED Nimrod manual

    Hi guys,

    I am desperate on this one.
    Since I got the oppurtunity to get a private tour on a Nimrod at the air museum in Coventry, UK, I am a huge fan of this beast.
    I came as a tourist, not knowing the museam was closed on Tuesday. By coincidence I ran into the manager and he did not want to send me away. He promised me a private tour through the museum, if I would contribute a small fee for the museum. He gave me time and opportunity to take pictures. And no other visitors, paradise! Highlight was that he took me to the Nimrod, which I got to see inside. Okay, I get carried away, to the point now!
    I downloaded the Nimrod by SIMSHED for FSX. It's fantastic freeware, but it comes with no manual. On the internet I found the link to the alleged manual, but the link is dead.

    Can somebody, PLEASE, tell me how to get the manual,
    or... send me clues on how to set the autopilot, 'cause... I can't.

    I hope somebody can help me. I want to fly the Nimrod so badly...

    Thanks for reading.



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    Seems as if this jet can be flown like any other four-engined jet..

    But if you need the a/p, you need the manual. That's ok.

    Today, I've "visited" the producer of the Nimrod (Simshed). And they gave me this sentence:

    The manual will be available as soon as is possible.

    I have not seen so many freeware that includes a concise manual. But never say never.
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    Did you give a try to a search engine. Sometimes you can find aircraft flight manual.

    Try startpage or another one.

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