The old, the new, and something in between with Qantas - Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my trip report. This will cover my return flight from Sydney to Singapore via Perth. If you missed my outbound flight from Singapore to Sydney please click the link below.


I have been living in Singapore for the past 2 years and finally got some time off to visit my family and friends back in Sydney. In the months before my trip I did a comprehensive search to find the perfect combination of when I am free, the airlines and of course price. Late November had the best prices and surprisingly Singapore Airlines was the cheapest full service airline. I booked my leave and once that was approved a few days later I went to book my flights. To my disappointment SQ had increased their prices by $300. Time to find a plan B. After considering all my options I finally settled with Qantas, as I wanted to try out their new seats on their refurbished A330’s.

Qantas was also the cheapest “full service” airline to fly to Sydney, when booked under an Emirates flight code. Meaning I wouldn’t get status credits, but I’m nowhere near silver, so that wasn’t a big deal. It was also cheaper to fly my return flight via Perth, a recently re-introduced route using a 737 rather then the A330.

Flight 2
Date: 30/11/15
Airline: Qantas
Flight: QF 575
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
Registration: VH-EBK
Seat: 39K
Route: SYD-PER
ETD: 08:10
ETA: 10:05

Fun Facts
18th Flight on Qantas
1st Flight on an Airbus A330-200
1st Flight on VH-EBK

Before The Flight

A week before my flight, I was checking my booking online and realised that the “Select on Q-Eat” option had appeared for my Perth to Singapore flight. A service what you can pre-select your meal and guarantee that selection for your flight. Something not offered on my outbound flight.

The day before I was to depart I checked in online, and a system glitch, probably due to my international flight being booked under an Emirates flight number, prevented my from checking into my 2nd flight. This meant I was unable to see my allocated seat. All I could do was hope for the best and pray that the system assigned me my window seat.

I had a second chance at trying the new A330 economy seats since I failed at trying them on the international A330’s. Lucky for me the seat map indicated that I would be getting a reconfigured A330 with the new economy and business class seats. Mission accomplished!

Driving to the airport the morning of my flight was fairly smooth until I reached the junction to turn into the domestic terminals. The madness of the morning departures caused a long backlog of cars trying to get into the terminals. The traffic lights were timed so poorly that cars could only turn into the complex every other time there was a green light. As the departure drop offs for both the domestic terminals were on the same loop, it took a long time to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 where Qantas departs from. It was lucky I still had a lot of time to spare.

The international check in counters had been moved to the opposite end of the building since the last time I departed from Terminal 3. The re-location allowed more counters to be used and check in was relatively fast. The check in agent was helpful and asked if I had transited in Perth before, telling me the procedures to get from the domestic to international terminals.


Unfortunately I wouldn’t be flying on this

The 737 travelator tunnel is still here

I settled down for a cup of coffee and some breakfast at a café with a nice view of the apron and runway 16R

Mendoowoorrji taxiing to runway 16L

My aircraft for today, Savannah Way

Boarding pass

The Flight

Boarding soon commenced and was boarded by row numbers, which I’m not sure many people payed attention to. I arrived at my seat at the last row of the forward cabin and stored my bag in the overhead locker a few seats forward as the bins at the last row was filled with blankets.

My seat

Legroom and seatback shot

The seat itself was comfortable and legroom was sufficient. Domestically re-configured A330’s don’t have inbuilt IFE in economy, but instead iPad Mini’s are provided with a mount on the seat back capable of holding any tablet up to an iPad Air. (The iPad 2 probably won’t fit, as it is a bit wider then the iPad Air, which only just slotted in)

My view out the window

Qantas’ special 95th anniversary inflight magazine featuring Qantas ambassador Hugh Jackman