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Thread: Skytrax rates worst 21 airlines of the world

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    Default Skytrax rates worst 21 airlines of the world

    skytrax has just released a list of the worst airlines which also includes lion, Iran, Pegasus and other airlines.
    check out the complete list on:

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    I would definitely agree with that... Especially when it comes to Ukraine International Airlines. I've tried it once - NEVER AGAIN. Trust me - you don't want to do any flights with them. The service was awful, the plane was dirty and I simply didn't feel safe...
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    "Skytrax (originally known as Inflight Research Services) is a United Kingdom-based consultancy which runs an airline and airport review and ranking site."
    -- en wiki /Skytrax, March 24th 2017.

    That mustn't be a disadvantage in these days when London became the place where brainless persons in a car try to kill pedestrians, btw only after Berlin, where that happened twice in a couple of months: Gedächtniskirche und Ku'damm.

    First of all, I thought that cody means the last 21 entries in this Skytrax list:
    The World's Top 100

    But that is not true. And as that's not true, let me say what I think.

    I clearly prefer sources which are published either by the company or - and that contains strict limitations - sources which exist longer than that company (e.g. NYT).

    Skytrax imho only owns one internet source: airlinequality dot com .

    If you use my commented link above (Top 100), my favourite airline is not among the worst 21 airlines. And I think that's ok.

    PS I: But what in the UK is #1 has received a ban by Trump. So what's happening? USA vs UK?!

    PS II: In Germany, there is a saying which must be as old as democracy in Europe. It goes like this:
    "Ich glaube nur der Statistik, die ich höchstselbst gefälscht habe."
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