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Thread: Skytrax rates worst 21 airlines of the world

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    Default Skytrax rates worst 21 airlines of the world

    skytrax has just released a list of the worst airlines which also includes lion, Iran, Pegasus and other airlines.
    check out the complete list on:

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    I would definitely agree with that... Especially when it comes to Ukraine International Airlines. I've tried it once - NEVER AGAIN. Trust me - you don't want to do any flights with them. The service was awful, the plane was dirty and I simply didn't feel safe...
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    "Skytrax (originally known as Inflight Research Services) is a United Kingdom-based consultancy which runs an airline and airport review and ranking site."
    -- en wiki /Skytrax, March 24th 2017.

    That mustn't be a disadvantage in these days when London became the place where brainless persons in a car try to kill pedestrians, btw only after Berlin, where that happened twice in a couple of months: Gedächtniskirche und Ku'damm.

    First of all, I thought that cody means the last 21 entries in this Skytrax list:
    The World's Top 100

    But that is not true. And as that's not true, let me say what I think.

    I clearly prefer sources which are published either by the company or - and that contains strict limitations - sources which exist longer than that company (e.g. NYT).

    Skytrax imho only owns one internet source: airlinequality dot com .

    If you use my commented link above (Top 100), my favourite airline is not among the worst 21 airlines. And I think that's ok.

    PS I: But what in the UK is #1 has received a ban by Trump. So what's happening? USA vs UK?!

    PS II: In Germany, there is a saying which must be as old as democracy in Europe. It goes like this:
    "Ich glaube nur der Statistik, die ich höchstselbst gefälscht habe."
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    Yes. The list which are there are in that article are bad when compared with high level airlines. We have see from there side also. As the revenue for theese airlines are very less so the maintenence will be not up to the mark

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