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Thread: Current Queue limits, error?

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    Default Current Queue limits, error?

    Hello all,

    Can't seem to find any reference to this being an issue since the site redesign.

    Is the current Queue limit for Non Premium members still 20, with a maximum of 10 uploads per day, or has it changed?

    In the past 14 days I've only had 1 rejection, which means I'd understand my current limit to be 19, no? It seems I can't have any more than 13 in the Queue at any one time. I've got a few images I'd like to upload as I tend to upload 10-15 over a couple of days and repeat the following week. Its my understanding I still have 6 slots available that I can't access.

    First 10 photos have been in the queue for 4 days or so, and I added a couple today.

    Appreciate any answers!

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    I'm having exactly the same problem.

    I've 5 photos rejected in the past 2 weeks, but I am only allowed to upload 9.

    My case is even more weired, because I had 10 photos in queue, then I0ve erased one because I have a hot photo to upload and at the moment I cannot upload the new one... Shows up the same message that I've reached the upload limit.

    My best regards.

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    We found a bug with the upload limits - it should be fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience that this caused.

    Upload limits remain the same as pre- redesign - 20 is still the max with 10 as a daily limit.


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    I uploaded 10 photo's today and then deleted 3 of them as I realised I had some better photos.

    I assumed I could then upload the 3 better photo's - I guess I assumed wrong as it still says I have reached the 10 limit despite only having 7 in the queue.

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