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    Hi all,
    We get a growing numbers of compression rejections. We also get tons of appeals saying basically :
    "No compression was applied" - "Saved at the max quality" and so on...
    Please take note that compression can come to various sources. One of them is editing.
    Today we see more and more uploads where various filters were used. Issue with those filters is how they will add a lot of compression to your pictures, mainly in sky areas. If you equalise the pic you can see how pixelized the sky gets after application of filters. While it's perfectly acceptable for social media, it gets very visible on JP, specially for trained eyes.
    So our advice is to go easy with filters, while they can be handy at times, they can also ruine a perfectly fine picture.


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    I agree with Alex on this one. I've had a play around with the "NIK" software for example for when I post pics onto Instagram, and you look at the file size after you apply the NIK software, the file size is actually smaller than the original photos which I post here onto JP.

    This is before any NIK was used and the file size is: 968K

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ADJ_LCY_220317_HB-JVM_2.jpg 
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Size:	968.5 KB 
ID:	7652

    This is after I used NIK and the file size is: 777K (and more noticable noise/compression in the sky)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ADJ_LCY_220317_HB-JVM_2n.jpg 
Views:	62 
Size:	777.3 KB 
ID:	7653

    Also another one to look out for. If you receive a reject say for soft, and you then take the same pic, sharpen it and save it again, you are compressing the photo more and more each time you save it. So, best to start from the original image.
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