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Thread: I'm with stupid ....

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    I need to bring this up so it won't get lost in my memory bank.

    January 2017, Japan Air Force One was set to arrive DVO at night (20-1102), we caught it and called it a night, 20-1101 (the backup a/c) was to arrive the next morning and it was pretty late, i had two options: to sleep and hope i get up to the alarm (i had a mistake with an Atlas 744F years before) or stay up enough to catch it on morning arrival, i chose the latter and rode out the night, eventually caught the 2nd aircraft. called it off and went home and planned to come back later. since there wasn't any info of its departure i decided to take a doze off, i set an alarm for 11AM (this was a lifesaver), woke up to the alarm to the news that they were about to depart! rushed the way back to the airport but as i did 20-1102 took off, i missed JF001, luckily i still had enough time to catch the backup aircraft depart. and that was that.

    lesson: get some sleep!

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    Working on my 70-300 lens, I tried using an electric buffing attachment on my dremel tool to polish it. Only to realize that I had used the wrong tip. I had used a tip for grinding. Lesson 1: Pay attention to the bits you attach to your tools. Lesson 2: Polish your lenses by hand.

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    Receiving a reject for bad info and on your phone finding out, I've ticked the wrong registration

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