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Thread: How to compress JPG and to do a Sharpen pic

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    Question How to compress JPG and to do a Sharpen pic

    Hi all,
    if possible i want to know how to do a perfect sharpen photo and which tool do you use with photoshop to do this...
    I'm using Nick's collection.
    Is it correct to use an f 8 in my camera to do a sharpen main object?

    the other theme is JPG compression.
    i can only shot in RAW 6000x4000 and when i edit my picture to 1280 x zzzz this became very blurry and of bad quality.
    i always export with save for web and bicubic at the max quality..
    thank you for your help!

    simone catania

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    I usually edit photos (correct) in Lightroom, after that I upload to photo sites.

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    I can recommend also to use Lightroom. I have LR 5 and it is very good tool. It have a lot of options for saving a photo after adjusting it in the Develop module (from RAW to JPG/TIFF). Petr

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